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Mercedes Benz C 230 sport

2008-12-20 02:29:02

I have been very unhappy with this car from the moment I drove it off the showroom floor. My first complaint to the dealer was that it pulled to the right. They insulted me by saying it was the curve of road that was causing it. Later it was test driven by a dealer who then claimed it was the sport package and it was normal. After a letter to Mercedes I was given the chance to show how it operates with a factory representative who flew in for severe complaints. He agreed that there was a problem and ordered a repair. The repair was not fully explained to me and is only 90% corrected howeve I feel this is the best I will get. My car has been in for corrective action 12 times now which includes a factory recall on a part that had already failed and been replaced under warranty. My advice to anyone who desires this car or any Mercedes is to look into the repair area of your dealership and see what is going on. Imagine your car there and see if you like the way you would be treated. As for me, I will not buy Mercedes ever again.

2006 Mercedes-Benz C-Class


2008-10-20 13:40:47

This is the best thing i have done. It is my 1st mercedes and it drives beautifullly. I have a black AMG that turns heads everywhere. I have had so many poeple stop at a gas station or similar place and comment on ;what a beautiful auto that is!It feels so luxurious, surrouns sound, heated leather seats (it is true) for those cold days. And it handles perfect so much fin to drive. You feel like aprincess or prince, .I do not think i could ever drive any other make of car. The warranty is great. service techs ,and 24/7 FREE roadside help if you have dead battery or something.The TEchs from the dealership drove 2 hours to where i was and had drained my battery leavng the lights ,only work ever done.Most SUV and high end Toyota and Nissan cars cost as much or more than the c class merecedes and ar not anywhere as nice.Impressed with the buying process to now, it is amazing.No way consider anthing else.

2006 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

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2006 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

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