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2.5 out of 5


2009-01-06 01:01:42

I liked the car at first, but later on grew to hate it. For a sports car that I knew about in terms of maintenance, it began to take a toll on me. The gas was ridiculous and so was having to baby it everywhere I went. From checking the oil every week(of which was always low), to not being able to drive it as a sports car as it was always in the shop... I decided to give up on it and buy a more practical sports car. The "four-door" design was plain stupid as it made it very hard to get in the back seat. Whoever said the rear was roomy was wrong. I also never liked the leg room on the passenger side as it never let you relax and required you to posture quite awkwardly. For a sports car that can't produce much of anything, I felt remorseful after buying it. The car didn't provide me with the thrill I wanted. Sure it can be fast, but at a huge cost. No wonder 99% of car shops never picked one up to race. The speedsource rx8 is only doing so well because of Mazda's backing. With that said, only a rich fool would be able to keep up spectacular performance. Even if the ban was lifted to keep rotaries off the track, all the companies would spend so much more to keep it racing. If you want a short lived sports car, go buy the RX-8. With so little power produced for the amount it breaks down. No more RX's for me, well this one at the least.

2006 Mazda RX-8

mazda RX 8 2006

2008-10-11 22:29:10

I bought a mazda RX8 2006 it drives like a dream and fast pickup but the doors open like a pickup truck in the back it is hard to get in and out of it if your in the back the seats in the front sit way down and the truck is so little it fits barely anything The car eats gas I ended up trading it for a nissin utima which is has more room and rides nice except it doesn't have the performance and speed the RX8 did

2006 Mazda RX-8

Bad move on my part

2007-09-28 03:48:59

I bought mine off the showroom floor when they first came out,the interior was cheap so I put black leather throughout the inside,tinted the windows, I also, in lieu of a bra, had the plastic protective hood and fender's covered to protect the very low very slanted down front end. I kept the thing for a month and a half and must have gassed up 150 times. Either the gas tank was too small or it was a gas pig, I was told there was a recall on the whole car before I got mine, in other words you drive it in and drive a new one out then, after I traded it in, 45 days later, I was told there was another total car recall, never again, I'm so glad I got rid of the pig.

2006 Mazda RX-8

Worst gas mileage ever, worse than any SUV or sports car I've owned

2007-07-29 09:54:24

I own a 2005 RX-8. While the car is replete with bells and whistles, is maintenence free and handles phenominally, The best gas mileage I can hope for is 16 MPG on the HIGHWAY. All I've ever owned are sports cars, be they nissan Z, corvettte, Mustang and 3000 GT, and I can honestly say this car is the one and only that goes through gas like it was leaking it. I drive over 35,000 miles a year, and this car sucks me dry. Dealership as well as manufacturer admit the EPA estimates are misleading but a 3 hour highway drive on cruise control eating up a whole tank of gas? That's out of control. My Honda Pilot gives me better gas mileage. That's embarrasing. But hey, you get 4 seats, so your kids can watch you aas you burn through their college fund.

2006 Mazda RX-8

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