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2006 LS 430

2007-10-15 04:29:44

After driving and data comparisons with Buick, Cadillac, Town Cars, Jags, and Infinities, the 430 stood head and shoulders above all of them. The ride is creamy smooth and is the quietest I have ever known. I had a 2004 Town Car but the seats were stiff, ride rougher and it was far nosier than the 430.

The 2006 Town Car is essentially the same as the 2004. I really enjoyed the trunk space (22 cu.ft. as I recall) in my 2004 since I could get 4 large sets of golf clubs in it along with two suitcases. Excellent for out of town golf trips with another couple. While the trunk space on the 430 is listed at only 1 cu. ft. less than the Town Car it is difficult is get 4 sets of clubs in it. Absolutely no room for luggage. Something is wrong somewhere on how they determine trunk space...either Lincoln underestimates their trunk (hard to believe) or Lexus overexaggerates theirs (also hard to believe). The shape is much different, I know, but 2 suitcases take up much more than 1 cu. ft.

While advertised extensively, the Mark Levinston sound sytems in the 430 is good but I would not call it great. I also drove Park Avenues prior to the Town Car and I can not tell a lot of difference between any of the 3 systems. If the 430 sounded like my surround sound system in my family room I would love it, but it doesn't.

The 430 is extremely easy to drive and very comfortable with all buttons within easy reach except for the sometimes hard-to-find voice activation button on the back side of the steering wheel. The audio system volume controls are also on the back side of the wheel which I find somewhat awkward to easily find. You can feel them, however, without taking your eyes off the road so maybe it is a safety feature.

The GPS is more complicated than it needs to be. Manual is 1/2" think! Sometimes hard to set.

The car goes from 60 to 100 in no time. Very steady, quiet and firm at this high speed. No floating whatsoever. Excellent for primary highways.

2006 Lexus LS 430

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