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5.0 out of 5

LR3 delivers!

2010-08-16 17:40:25

After much knuckle chewing and angst (after reading past reviews on Landrover reliability, I sunk my money into a used low milage LR3. WOW is what i can say. My wife and I actually argued who got to drive the LR3 all the way to and from New Orleans last month vs our beloved Jag XJ. Yes it handles that good, the interior is that comfy, the stereo is better (Harmon Kardon). The gas milage is a surprising 20 mpg consistently on road trips despite it's heaviest in calls 5700 pd curb weight. And did I say it handles like a dream..it does. And if you ever hit heavy rain...or need to drive across a field rain soaked for an art fair, music festival or a bit of off-roading..the LR3 is UNBEATABLE! It seems to cruise up, over and through any terrain in any weather. I lived in Minnesota for 15 years and have worked extensively across Africa. The Landrover will always get you when you need to go....with more cargo room than any other in class..and yes the best mpg for anything with remotely similar specs (if not abilities.) And then reliability...yes this bruiser is solidly built to take the travel and beating of town traffic stop and go and off road warrior. One minor point...get a warranty that will fix the one flaw..the air compressor that came with the original build on the car is under sized and will fail. The new owners of Landrover Tata Motors of Indian (one of the worlds largest truck and off-road builders) will replace the compressor with a new larger and apparently indestructible one (that from follow up reviews from the service and public service notices.) Landrover has fixed their demons in service and the care we get from our dealership in Sarasota is unmatched. They stood behind us even when the extended warranty people did not on an older Landrover which had just lapsed out of warranty. Wherever you shop this great car trust the car..it will get you wherever you want to go (and all of your stuff...and it fits a huge amount of "stuff"!

2006 Land Rover LR3

Best I've Ever Owned

2008-08-08 18:10:13

I have the 2006 LR3 HSE and I love it! It has been completely reliable, and is a pleasure to drive. Great handling and superb traction in inclement weather. It is an extremely stable vehicle, and I feel very safe in it, and am impressed with the construction of its frame, and use of air bags all the way back to protect passengers even in the third row. The interior space is also the best I've ever seen: the third row really is comfortable for adults, even for a large man, 6'2" tall. With that row down, the cargo area is ample. I transport my 100 lb german shepherd and he has plenty of room, plus I still have room for cargo and 3 folks in the second row! In sum, I am delighted with the interior space and comfort of my LR3. The navigation system is the best I have seen, and we also have a Mercedes E-class, and the LR3's navigation is far superior.... it is far more accurate and user friendly. As for creature comforts, I love the heated seats (front and second row), separate air zones (and climate controls) for passenger and driver, as well as great air flow for second and/or third rows. I have the dog gate which is great for transporting a large dog (or dogs), and also have the sliding cargo bed, which makes loading and unloading packages a breeze because I simply slide the floor of the cargo area forward (towards the rear of the vehicle), load it up, and then slide it back in. No more straining my back to load up an SUV! I use the hydraulic system all the time to assist my mother in the LR3, and I am able to lower it each and every time she enters or leaves the truck. That feature enables me to have a true off-road SUV with 'sedan' level access. Terrific! I always focus on safety and reliability when purchasing a vehicle, and the LR3 has exceeded all my expectations. In the past I owned Volvo's and Mercedes SUV's. My LR3 is best by far. Thank you, Land Rover! FYI, I purchased my LR3 from Land Rover in Princeton, NJ. Its sales/service center are exemplary

2006 Land Rover LR3

Review of 2006 Land Rover LR3

2007-11-04 12:57:06

2006 Land Rover LR3

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