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2008-06-27 03:28:04

The last New vehicle I bought was an 89 LeBarron, and I said I would never buy another new one, because they were just TOO MUCH MONEY!Then on 05 Jan 07 I was Medically Retired from the Army on a 100% Combat related seperation from Active Duty after over 27 Yrs of service, spaning five decades which started in 1967 in the Marines. It seemed as though every time I turned around I was in the hospital, the last time with complication's from Open Heart Surgery. We had a 96 Ford Contour 4Dr with 130,000 miles on it. Still ran great, but was very hard for me to get in & out of, and I felt every bump in the road! Comfort for me was torture! My wife passed away 17 Jan 07 just 12 days after I was seperated, following a 15 yr long battle with MS. At the time I had a Caregiver, which I thanked God for! Fortunately I did have life insurance on her, but I always felt that I would go first. Life never gives us what we expect at times. I spent many weeks on the computer comparing vehicles, for warranties, features, safety and service expectation's, plus insurance costs. I no longer drive, so all of these things were very important to me. Being 100% Disabled, I can do very little for myself. My caregiver helped me pick out a Brand New Kia Sedona. The Perfect Choice! It filled the bill in each and every aspect that we were concerned with. I have never owned a Van before, and this is NOT A SMALL MINI VAN! It is great for me in all respects!! With a 100,000 or 10 Yr Drive Train package, it should last longer than I do, but I don't expect any major trouble with it. So far, it has been wonderful for us. Heather and I were Married in Aug 2007 so we are living together legally now. lol We would Reccomend this VEHICLE TO ANYONE DESIRING A VEHICLE THAT IS TROUBLE FREE, COMFORTABLE, FULL OF OPTIONS, AND A VERY SAFE FAMILY VEHICLE... If I ever buy another NEW VEHICLE, IT WILL BE A SEDONA!

2006 Kia Sedona

I Love My Kia Sedona!!

2007-10-16 02:43:02

When searching for a family vehicle my first thoughts were to avoid getting a "granny van!" But after doing extensive research on many vehicles I kept coming back to the Kia Sedona. It had all the features we wanted as a family. It also has a warrany that out does all the other vans that we looked at. That is part of what sold us on this van. It has the looks that I wanted. It has the sporty look, which I love. I was worried about buying a foreign made car having owed Fords all my driving life. I knew I didn't want to buy another Ford again. The Kia very compariable to the other choices I looked at. The only difference was the price. And who doesn't want to save money. Especially when it comes to a major purchase like a vehicle. I love the fold down console in between the front seats. It's easy to use and love the space it gives when not needed. I have 3 children that take turns in the seats. They love not having to touch each other on the ride to wherever. The fold down 3rd row seats are awesome too. Very east you use and can store many things. My father is diabled and when I have to take him places his wheelchair fits nicely in the back. The second row seats I find are a little awkard for me to use but I normally don't have to take them out by myself. I do that when my husband is around to help. I love the power that this van has. It has more than my Ford Escape had. It gets good gas mileage for where we drive it. It's quiet and very little road noise. I also love the console gear shift. It's out of the way and you don't have to worry about turning your windshield wipers on when putting the van in gear. I also love the way the windows go down in the sliding doors. Overall I would recommend this vehicle to anyone looking for a van.

2006 Kia Sedona

The minivan to BUY

2007-09-24 03:04:27

This is a vehicle for anyone who wants power under the hood or just knowing that the car has the best safety rating with all the safety equipment for the front row to the third row seats. I was so impressed with the design of the vehicle. It has everything that you could want. The middle console (frontseats) collapses so it is easy to get to the back if needed. Stow and go third row seats. When not using the third row it has a lot of room (Very Deep)For luggage, groceries, where they have hooks on the seats to hang your grocery bags from, baby strollers or anything else that you take with you in the car. It has a conversation mirror so you can see what the kids are doing or participate in the conversation. I also loved that when I bought the car my insurance did not go up for a brand new car. with all the 5 star safety features the insurance company loved that I had purchased the vehicle. The gas mileage is very good as well. I had a Dodge Durango 1998 that was sucking the money out of my wallet. Now I can go for a trip and not have to worry about spending a fortune just to get there. It drives very smoothly and is nice and quiet. It drives very well in the snow and rain, something I was worried about when I got rid of my SUV. I also loved all the warranties that come with the vehicle. 10year 100,000 powertrain warranty 5year 60,000 roadside assistance. I did alot of research before I bought the Van. What finally got me to buy the Sedona was the price and all the standard/safety features. The Honda Odyssey and the Toyota Sienna were just way out of my league on price and they seemed a lot smaller and cramped then the Sedona. #1 car in my book. You get a great Minivan For a great price.

2006 Kia Sedona

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