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First Purchase

2007-10-08 02:00:24

I purchased the Hyundai Accent after driving an Elantra for three years. I was a first time buyer (the Elantra was my father's car) and I will probably make the same choice again when it comes time for a new car. The car is simply fun to drive, it is smooth and rather quick considering the small size of the engine. It is also fun not to have to cringe everytime you fill up at the gas pump, I average around 36 mpg. The body style is unique but not "cutesy", the interior is simple but very functional. There is plenty of leg room in the front, but the car is certainly not for hauling around four friends that are over six feet tall.

I am extremely happy that I purchased this car, I did not feel like I was compromising from the larger and slightly more powerful Elantra.

2006 Hyundai Accent

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