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4.0 out of 5

Review of 2006 Honda Odyssey

2012-04-20 19:58:48

2006 Honda Odyssey

My favorite vehicle of all time

2010-10-17 23:31:05

We have owned many vans from large ones years ago to mini-vans presently. This one beats all. My husband wants to buy a new one but I fear they will have changed some of the things I like best. For instance I have experienced many different navigation systems in friend's autos but none can hold a candle to the system in our present Odyssey. I hope they have not changed that in the 2011 model. Also I have felt secure with run-flat tires knowing that if I developed a flat tire on a dark country road I could get home safely. Yes they were expensive to replace but it was worth the cost for the security. I could drive this auto forever!

2006 Honda Odyssey

Don't waste your money

2009-05-10 11:32:20

Quality problems. Not what they claim. Don't waste your money.

2006 Honda Odyssey

driving the COOL mommy van

2007-09-08 12:44:57

I was one of those women who loved being a mommy but did not want to get rid of my explorer sport and move to something bigger. Being a mom of two and ready for another child to come it was forced on me. After going and looking aorund town I feel in love with this van. It is great for parents and kids. With the DVD player for teh kids mom and dad can talk or listen to the radio for miles and miles. I also love how my hubby can have his side FREEZEN and warm on my side and the kids too can have their own temps. The GPS has saved me many many many times. We are a military family so we move alot so the GPS has saved us from getting lost!! I never wanted to be a van mommy but this is not a "van" it rides and drives like a car and everyone who gets in the van with us loves it!!

It is worth every penny we paid for this van and I cant see myself now without my pretty van!!

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2006 Honda Odyssey

Best Minivan on the road

2007-09-02 12:02:27

We researched buying a minivan for about 6 months. We debated on a few different ones based on price, but when it came down to it, the Odyssey was simply the top choice, cost a little more, but we realized it was also retaining it's value better than anything else on the market. I've been driving my Odyssey now for 14 months and I love my van! It looks sleek (black), it rides smooth, it has every feature you could possibly imagine (EX-L with DVD and Nav)...and 14 months later I'm still discovering new things it can do! My husband and I are both very happy with this purchase! All that - and it gets better gas mileage than anyone else's van that we know of. On a trip out to Colorado this summer we caravaned with several other couples...mostly getting anywhere from 14-18 miles per gallon...the Odyssey was getting 27 mpg...in the mountains! Needless to say, our friends were quite envious of the savings! This is an excellent van!

2006 Honda Odyssey

Review of 2006 Honda Odyssey

2007-08-22 08:59:09

2006 Honda Odyssey

not your mothers minivan

2007-08-12 09:55:00

I went kicking and screaming from a sedan to the Honda Odyssey last year. About 3 hours after I drove home, malinging the fact that I could no longer be a cool mom, I was in love. This is the best vehicle I have ever owned! I love the ease of getting kids, cargo, etc in and out, even into the third row for carpool! The warehouse club loves to see me coming, we just plop the back seats down and away we go! I've even hauled sheets of plywood home for projects, though that trip had to be planned in advance! We take a trip to visit all three sets of grandparents in 14 days, and although we get sick of being in the car, the configuration allows for the kids and grownups to be comfortable (we wish it had a "there now" button) and move around as necessary. The nav system is an absolutely wonderful addition, very easy to use and see while driving. If you are considering this, definately take a very close look, you'll be happily surprised.

2006 Honda Odyssey

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