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Review of 2006 Honda Element

mikerat42 2009-09-22 14:17:41

A great vehicle....One of the very best features is rarely mentioned, the removable rear seats... We take 3 large dogs from our home in NJ to SC several times a year with ease And comfort. Gas mileage is 24-26 mpg. Mine has 55,000 miles on it and I've never had a problem. A little short on pep, but you learn how to adjust. Have traveled 495 @ 80mph for long periods w/o a problem...

2006 Honda Element

Review of 2006 Honda Element

dcherry021 2009-03-10 19:47:54

great vehicle, what else can i say

2006 Honda Element

Loved The Look But . . .

LowBug 2008-09-29 23:08:01

Within 2,000 miles the check engine light came on. Read the manual about the "gas cap" and the Honda Service Department made me drive it another 200 miles to insure it wasn't just the gas cap or they would charge me to fix it. . . It was a malfunctioning chip and 3 weeks later the check engine light returned. By then the MPG dropped from 24 when I lived in the country to 15, yes, 15 MPG when I moved to the city and I'm a very slow excelerator and coasting breaker. I traded it in on a leased VW. Another thing which upset me was the "plug" for the iPod, the no color thought for the stereo and the lack of no intermittent wipers, just fast, slow and 2-3 second pause wipe. I must give kudos for the huge seating area in both front and back, along with the ample storage capacity. Truly, had it not been for the check engine light and very poor MPG, I would have kept my solid Tangerine 2006 Element.

2006 Honda Element


AOL user 2008-09-27 11:09:09

There is no other car like an element. I show property in it...travel in it...zip around town in it...I love everything about this car..no carpet...suidcide doors ..lots of room ...great turning radius .. AWD..stereo ROCKS...runs awesome...THERE IS NOTHING NEGATIVE TO SAY AT ALL!!!! spoken like a happy owner. Honda really knew what they were doing when they designed this car...Have you seen many of the car companies are trying to design similiar cars now? When Honda came out with this car ..and I saw it..it had my name on it. :) JOIN THE ELEMENT CLUB!!

2006 Honda Element

Lovin It!!!!

2007-09-12 12:21:28

I bought my 2006 Element a year ago!

I love this car/truck whatever you want to call it!!!

I have people constantly asking me about this vehicle. I always explain how you can hose it out,and lift up the seats.

I just can't get over the room and how easy it is to maintain.

I always feel very secure while I'm driving especially in rough weather.

I drove a Honda Civic for 13 years before I bought the Element. Not many people are aware of what a unique car this is.

I was going to purhase a Honda Fit but once I test drove the Element I was hooked!

My boyfriend always drove Toyotas.But once he drove my Element he was hooked too! When it came time to buy a new vehicle, he shopped around .He looked at Toyota vehicles that were comparable but decided to buy an Element too! He thought he would always drive Toyota but now...... We have his and hers Elements!

It's the best kept secret!!!

2006 Honda Element

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