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5.0 out of 5

Best SUV I've ever owned

2009-07-30 15:22:22

I have a 2006 H3 with the enhanced offroad capability (the "Adventure Package"); it has the then-standard 5-cylinder, 3.5 litre engine (3.7 litres in later years, there's now an 8-cylinder available too). I've now put about 40k miles on it. I get 18mpg in combined driving and 22mpg on the highway. I've been offroad with it in VERY challenging conditions and it puts the various Jeeps I've owned in the shade--not even in the H3's league. Water pouring through the grille and OVER THE HOOD. 20" of mud. 60 degree inclines. moguls that drop you onto the skidplates on hard, rocky surfaces. No damage, ever--except a broken plastic dealer-logo license plate frame (which the dealer was only to happy to replace!) Wow. I was rear-ended in it once--hit hard enough so that the guy who hit me (in a Chevy minivan) deployed his airbag--and there was NO damage to the H3 and not a lot of shock in the interior. I knew I got hit, but not THAT hard. The other guy, though, had a buckled hood, smashed-in headlight enclosure, shattered plastic and glass everywhere--in short, a crushed front end. This is one safe vehicle. It's also as comfortable as many luxury vehicles; I'm a professional and have no qualms about taking clients with me in the H3. Also, because of the placement of the front and rear axles for entry and exit clearance angle, the H3 has an incredibly tight turning radius. It doesn't look like it, ******** easier to parallel park and easier to U-turn than were either my Jeep Cherokee Sport OR my Jeep Grand Cherokee. Turns so tight that I caught a few curbs by OVERturning when I first got it. Unexpected. Everyone who tries driving it, on or off road, says "wow". I need the cargo capacity of the vehicle, so I need a midsized SUV. This is the best one on the US market at present...and excellent gas mileage for a 4,800lb vehicle, to boot. When I'm done with it, I'll buy another in a minute.


In Love with my H3

2009-03-24 13:58:15

Bought new a 2006 H3,at Pensky Hummer in California. I have had it now 2.5 years (Only 6,000 miles on it.) When I drove it home to Arkansas, I did not want to stop driving but felt like continuing on all over the country, I was so happy with my H3. I cannot say enough about this car. It is classy enough to go to the Country Club and solid enough to take on the worst off road terrain. I keep it like brand new and am so proud of it. In fact it is so pampered, I won't even take it out in the rain. It gets looks from everyone who sees it from kids to old folks. I am not a big GM fan, but i can tell you when they came out with this SUV, they made my day. They should reward the engineers that came up with the Hummers. I plan to keep it for at least 10 years or longer. I Put all the goodies on it that are offered which makes it really look exceptional. I also have a BMW 745i and the Hummer drives as nice as the luxury car and gets better mileage. I average 17 to 19 mpg. Think I will trade in the BMW, and get another Hummer H3 then I will have two of them I can be proud of and very happy with. Bob


LOVE my H3

2008-10-27 10:51:51

I leased my H3 as I have all the previous cars in the last 15 years. This has been the one that I have had the most fun with and I really do not want to turn it back in (which is a first, I usually am ready by the end of the second year). I love the height of the truck to see traffic and the agility it has even for it's size, ************ fits into my single car garage. My only pet peeve is that the side-view mirrors do not defrost. When I go to lease my next vehicle, I will definately look at a H3 again. My last two vehicles where GMC Envoys and the H3 gets BETTER gas milage than they did. I have been on a few of the Hummer events and they have been class acts.


Review of 2006 HUMMER H3 SUV

2008-07-09 14:13:43

I recently purchased a 2006 Hummer H3 and I can say it was the best move I could have made. My intentions were to buy an H2 but when I drove the H3 I was immediately sold. It provides immediate riding comfort and the options are phenomenal. The Onstar Safe and Sound Plan provides a great service and the overall style of this Hummer is unique. My only regret is I should of done this when the H3 first came on the scene. I recommend this vehicle to anyone who is looking for style, comfort, and an SUV that provides great gas mileage.


Review of 2006 HUMMER H3 SUV

2008-03-30 01:40:26


Review of 2006 Hummer H3 SUV

2007-08-03 05:53:00


2006 Hummer H3 SUV

Pretty happy with it

2007-07-28 01:33:17

Bought it in mid 06 not intending to buy domestic. We have been pretty satisfied with our two 4Runners and test drove the H3 just for comparison.

Love it and still do. It handles really well and the turning radius is surprisingly easy. We went with the leather/chrome and added the roof rack and fiberglass spare tire cover after market to finish it off. It's just the right size for a couple whose kids are grown but the only negative is the interior size when you have company or need to transport larger items. The 4Runners seemed to have more room for storage in the back but even with that draw back the ride is great. Handles beautifully. When traveling long distance we get 16-18 mpg depending on load. This can be a drawback if commuting on a daily basis but I have a 1 1/2 one way drive each day to get to work and travel through fog periodically and I have never felt safer on this two lane rural road. Since our H3 is only coming up on it's 1st birthday it's hard to say how it will compare with our 4Runners for dependability but we keep our cars for long time and have passed both our 4Runners on to our sons and they are still running well. Hope the H3 doesn't disappoint.

2006 Hummer H3 SUV

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