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Rules the highway...

2007-11-02 02:55:55

Huge "bang for the buck" -despite rising gas prices. I made a few relatively inexpensive ans simple modifications to the exhaust, intake and suspension. Nice smooth ride with just enough agility to be confident in maneuvering in traffic. Easy to drive and cheap to maintain. Colleagues owning Audis, BMWs, MBs, Jags and Caddys that cost 2-3 times more comment positively. Super comfortable for driver and passengers alike. Drive the car gently around town. It's heavy and the 4.6 will guzzle gas if you jump on it. The Crown Vic is a true highway car. It has great pick up at the high end. It can run all day at high speeds and get 26 mpg. People view it as a "grandpa car". It's the #1 stealth car on the road. I lose "the cool factor" and gain a low profile. A samrt choice in the big sedan class.

2006 Ford Crown Victoria

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