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5.0 out of 5

great truck!

2009-02-18 00:10:57

I've had my dakota for over 2 years now without any problems! The 4.7 is a great engine. I change the oil every 3-5000 miles. I've towed car trailers with it so effortlessly that I forgot I was towing a trailer! It has plenty of leg room in the cab for tall people, though the seats could be a little more comfortable for long trips. I have driven it across country multible times without any issues at all! I have seen mileage as low as 10 mpg in a crowded city back east and as high as 22mpg on the highway out west. It also handles driving in the snow well for a 4x2. Overall it has been an outstanding truck which serves my needs well. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable truck that isn't too large for daily driving!

2006 Dodge Dakota

Best TRUCK ever owned!!.. and have owned plenty!

2008-12-06 20:36:28

PLEASE DO NOT STOP MAKING THESE! Have put 30000 miles the first year.. fantastic build quality, great engine. quiet, silent, solid and the right size! What doesn't get pulled or hauled with my neighbors Tacoma (in the shop for more than three days three seperate times in a YEAR!)our mid size.. or 'perfect' size Dodge does with no effort. we tow a 6000 lb car trailer with zero problems and have had everything from construction lumber to bricks to fold up rear seat groceries. The Wife loves it.. so do our friends. They now own two! (Traded the Tacoma gas hog). We get 16 city and 22 freeways ALWAYS, with a strong V8 to make freeways combat a breeze. ANDS being the 'right size it FITS in our driveway!! THANK YOU DODGE. Japan doesn't make anything like it except the Mitsubishi clone. Get a real RAM. It IS the right truck.

2006 Dodge Dakota

2006 Dakota

2008-04-24 03:33:05

At 10,000 miles, vehicle has a minor prob with pass airbag warning light. Generally okay but mpg is @ 16. Sticker said 20 hwy but I've never gotten close to that.

2006 Dodge Dakota

06 dakota

2007-09-10 08:19:29

i have an 06 quad cab.its the best truck ive ever owned.the v8 has plenty of power,gets reasonable mileage 15 in town..22 on the road...satelite radio is awesome too...no problems to date...with 13500 miles...5 speed auto trans performs great too..wished i would of got the leather seats for more comfort...cloth ones are ok...little hard on trips...

2006 Dodge Dakota

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