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4.0 out of 5

Dodge Caravan 2006 SXT

vanlvr1 2008-12-21 23:09:31

Purchased in December of 2005 new and now it has 55K. Use for daily tansportation, family trips, to haul construction materials during remodeling. Very happy with it - no problems so far and purchase price was very good compare to other brands.

2006 Dodge Caravan

Buyer Beware of Motorized Parts

2007-09-08 07:34:48

While it may seem that having a motorized sliding passenger door is handy to have, think again before you purchase the Caravan with this option. We started having problems with our door only 8 months after purchase. We have had the van for 17 months now and it has been in the shop 3 times to date and is due to go back in again when the new motor arrives at the dealership. The motor has been replaced twice so far. The last time was at the end of June and was taken back to the shop at the end of August. Dealership had our vehicle 10 hours and only made the problem worse. Now the part has been ordered and we are still waiting. I have contacted Chrysler about this problem. I am still waiting for their response. Please inquire about this before you purchase. It's disheartening to spend so much money on something that you need, only to be burdened with having to take it to the shop time after time for the same problem which apparently the dealership does not know how to fix. We wish someone could have warned us.

2006 Dodge Caravan

Chrysler engineering all about it and see

2007-09-08 01:57:42

For those of you who own a Chrysler product, especially the vans, check your radio and let me

know if the 'treble/bass' adjustments (?) have ANY effect on the sound of your radio/CD/Cassette?

I had mine changed (the radio after I owned my car one day) because the dealer agreed there was no difference in the sound quality using the adjustments. I STILL have the same radio and "Chrysler" refuses to acknowledge my complaint.

Frank Wilson Oh yes, mine is a 2006 Caravan SXT

2006 Dodge Caravan

Peace and harmony in my Dodge Caravan.

2007-09-08 01:07:46

I bought my first caravan back in 1986 and I am now on my fourth Caravan....Dodge Caravan's ROCK. I won't drive anything else. With 4 children and 5 small grandchildren we have plenty of room. With our family we have taken lots of long trips and no one ever complains about being crowded or uncomfortable. The grandchildren especially love the dvd player with the wireless headphones and I can still listen to my favorite cd or the radio. The sliding doors make it very easy when getting small children in and out along with their carseats because of the brackets integrated into the bench and captains seats. I also have no problem parking like those big SUV's on the market who can't seem to park them straight between the lines! I have no complaints.

2006 Dodge Caravan

I am driving my 3rd Dodge Caravan and still love them

2007-08-30 04:03:00

I purchased my most recent Grand Caravan to take advantage of the Stow-N-Go seats. Love this feature, so easy to do by yourself and you don't need to find a place to put the seats, like in prev models. I have driven other vans, when ready to purchase my next vehicle and none are as comfortable and user friendly as the Dodge. I have had few maintence issues, which is a huge plus in my book! Seats are comfortable and the ride is smooth. I love being able to carry almost anything and not having to unload right away. Friends and family are amazed at how much the van can hold, when all the seats are stowed.

2006 Dodge Caravan

mom w/ kids

2007-08-28 11:37:29

Have had a car a my life, than purchased a 2006 dodge grand caravan special edition. What can I say love everything about it. Easy to keep clean. Love the stow-n-go compartments. Go to crusins, back in pop the tailgate flip the seats and enjoy. Not one problem since we purchase it 18 months ago. Great on trips everybody can move around. The greatest item if had to name one the dvd player w/ps2 hook up, this is a life saver.

2006 Dodge Caravan

Wonderful Vehicle!

2007-08-28 11:03:20

I love the large flat cargo space. My son recently borrowed my van to move into his new house. My Town and Country, which is the upscale equivalent to the Grand Caravan, held 2 sofas nested together with no problem. (and YES,the hatchback was closed completely) And... there was space left for some of the over stuffed pillows. AMAZING!

2006 Dodge Caravan

Am very Satisfied

2007-08-28 09:57:36

I have my second Dodge Caravan. Reason I got one to begin with was my father who is a mechanic said that it would be the best choice since it has the most common tranny and engine so they are the cheapest to repair. I haven't had to make any of those repairs. My older one I drove until basically everything in the dash began to quit working, it was over 20 years old. I bought a new one in March of 2006. I was in a horrible accident in November of 2006. The car was almost totaled, I had a back sprain and a bruise where the seat belt was. The van was repaired (13,000+ in work)and the only mechanical issue after the accident was a dead battery. Have been using it for 8 months now without anything wrong with it. As a van it is my work horse and I am glad to have it. It did an excellent job protecting me in my only car accident. It fits my family plus some, the seats are comfy. I have done a lot of long distance driving in it and have absolutely no complaints about the gas mileage either (usually around 23-25 mpg). We have had no issues with the dealer either. We thought we were having a problem with the seat sensor for the air bag indicator light, turns out we had misread the manual and it was different than the last van. They checked it out and then went through it with us so we knew what was going on and how it was different. They also changed the battery free of charge under warranty. The only complaint I have is that we only got the Caravan and not the Grand Caravan. I would like to have had the additional cargo room, but the smaller van makes it easier to maneuver.

2006 Dodge Caravan

Love my van!

2007-08-21 11:20:09

I've had my van for a little over a year now..and I must say I have not had any problems with my van and it has almost 18,000 miles on it. Gas mileage on average is about 19 mpg with the driving I do. Just came back from NJ shore vacation and higway was up to 25 mpg at 70 mph can't complain at all. Easy to haul kids, and dogs at the same time..Stow and go seating is a blessing...I've used it many times in the past year. I traded my 04 Durango for this and I am glad I did. It is WAY better on gas and holds 7 people just like the Durango. The only thing I miss is the 4 wheel drive during snowy days but the Grand SXT with the traction control helps alot. No complaints here just praise

2006 Dodge Caravan

Review of 2006 Dodge Caravan

2007-08-21 07:51:00


2006 Dodge Caravan

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