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2006 Chevy Avalanche LT 1500 Z71

2014-02-03 12:46:23

I purchased this as a used vehicle in July 2013. It was a one owner, black with only 49,000 miles on it. It was in great condition, looking almost new. I have found the vehicle to be extremely comfortable. My family loves riding in it and we take it as a group vehicle when doing dinners, etc. The four wheel drive is very strong, with the traction control being a great asset. I did purchase larger tires for it, only 1 inch larger with more aggressive tread. These do meet Chevy's qualifications, I purchased them from a Chevy dealership. If you do decide to go much bigger, fyi, you need to have the transmission adjusted. The vehicle came fully loaded, the features are very nice. Leather, driver controls, and a very rich sound system. The CD changer and corresponding climate controls work very well. The steering wheel controls are a very nice feature. My only issues are gas mileage is not great as expected with a V8. I originally purchased this expecting to work close to home, but lost my job two months after purchasing and am now working farther away. However the estimated mileage by Chevy is not exact, it is more like overall 13MPG. It has a nice feature to show you what your average mileage is and using it I have been able to see it doesn't meet what Chevy claims is their 14/17 mileage claims. The only other issue is with Chevy's use of plastics and paint in their trims, ie the Chevy emblems etc. I have found the colors have faded fast even for a garage kept vehicle. There are aftermarket kits you can purchase to spruce them up, but it is an added expense if you want to keep your vehicle looking sharp. Overall I am very happy with the vehicle, it keeps its overall price, there is not a lot of depreciation. . They changed the headlight system starting with the 2007 model, so there is a style and performance difference but you can look at aftermarkets for LED etc. There is however not a great selection as of February 2014. Overall a good buy and vehicle.

2006 Chevrolet Avalanche 1500

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