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2006 BMW 530

Great Car

2007-09-18 08:49:36

After owning an Infiniti, two Acura's and two Saabs I finally traded up to a BMW 530XI.

What a thrilling car to drive!! Amazing power, smooth and perfect tranny, amazing combination of handling and comfort. No significant problems mechanically.. the car now has 25K on it. This car is like a snow-plow in the winter... gets through snow like a 4x4. Love it.

The I-Drive is a nuisance, and even for a tech-savy person it took a while to get used to. The voice commands, which work real well, help to make the I-Drive tolerable. Putting some pre-set radio buttons on the dash wouldn't be asking for too much!!

The Navi system is awful. Compared to an Acura and Infiniti system it is a horrible embarassment. Slow, inacurate,not intuitive, and way behind the times. Hate it.

All in all though, the styling, performance, and sporty but comfortable ride make this car a winner.

If only BMW would take some time and get rid of the the I-drive system, and put in a modern up to date Navi system it would be perfect!!!

2006 BMW 530

2006 BMW 530 i

2007-08-01 11:11:00

I bought the car used from a VW dealer in Chicago. Put it on the road as soon as I got it and drove to Memphis. It is the best car I have ever driven. Evrything about it is great handeling, speed ,moving in and out of traffic. The only down side it that for the lager guys out there like me it is not great getting in and out of. The car is now my wife's every day car and she loves it too.

2006 BMW 530

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