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This is a true sports car with a back seat wow

AOL user 2009-07-06 18:16:09

This makes the 3rd BMW 325 that we have owned and they have all been great. The INLINE 6 cylinder (Not a cheap V6 like everyone else uses) is beyond smooth. You can sit in the drivers seat in park and rev the engine to 5000 rpms and you will swear that the sound you hear is a recording of an engine because you will feel nothing in the seat or steering wheel. It is that smooth. It also handles and drives like a sports car. With the traction control on you can drive in the mountians and have a blast as if you are in a 350Z but then drive it home and back to work on Monday just like a Honda Accord excepts its a lot more fun. It has been a great car and we will likely get our 4th 3 series in another year or two. Plus the BMW dealer network treats you like GOLD, unlike other dealers that simply want your business at first. They really care even after the sale.

2006 BMW 325


JKELLMORROW 2009-02-07 13:13:34

The 2006 325Ci Convertible is probably one of the most exciting and fun cars that I have driven as an adult. The acceleration is quick and smooth, though I have never really timed it. The styling--both interior and exterior make me feel like I am in a jet cockpit. The durability and safety are unmatched--sadly enough tested on an icy bridge in January, 2008--I walked away and the car was relatively easily repairable. I will keep my trusty convertible.

2006 BMW 325

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