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Like a Luxury Car

2010-03-08 01:00:52

I've had Ford Explorer and Xterra SUVs since they first came out, and switched to the 4Runner in 2005, and the difference is night and day. I have over 89 thousand miles and the car drives like it's new. The Explorers started falling apart at 50K miles, with rattles and steering problems, while the Xterra was underpowered and the engine exploded at 75K miles. I live where there is snow, and the all time four wheel drive and stability control allow me to drive while other vehicles get stuck. The V8 engine is quiet and incredibly powerful. The ride is smooth and comfortable. We like to travel offroad, and have hundreds of mile to explore in Bishop, Ca, and the 4runner takes the trails like a champ. I'm sure the Explorer and Xterra have improved since my negative experience with them, but with the incredible performance of the 4Runner, I will never drive another SUV.

2005 Toyota 4Runner

Review of 2005 Toyota 4Runner

2009-06-24 09:49:44

I had an old Ford Explorer, but I needed 4 wheel drive and wanted dependability. The runner is great. It rides smotthly, has excellent pick up, and does really well in heavy snow. It is a very comfortabke vehicle to drive, especiall on long trips. My only complaint are the warning lights that go on for "routine maint" that have to be reset by a mechanic.

2005 Toyota 4Runner

It Was Worth The Wait

2007-10-29 10:38:00

I have waited a long time to get what I want on this car, color, options, etc. I have to tell you, it was well worth the wait, even though I waited until they brought it over on the ship from Japan! My car still looks new and handles as well as did the day I bought it, but I have taken excellent care of it too. I would say to anyone who loves Toyotas, don't hesitate to buy one of the 4Runners! I have never been sorry that I got it and I haven't had one bit of trouble with it, ever. So as I said, It was well worth the wait!!

2005 Toyota 4Runner

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