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Subaru Forester 05

2009-04-08 13:17:25

Subaru Forester 05 X. Standard transmission. This is my driving reality: 70 k miles of combined driving, daily commuting between several locations, weekend outdoor sports, with monthly full load long drives to countryside, tropical weather with yearly flood season up to 1 ft, bad roads (rough and craters), daily traffic jams, seaside living, dogs, mud, sweat, gentle off roading... This is my maintenance record: on schedule regular maintenance without fault every 7,500 miles; changed the original battery for one with longer warranty, one rear ball bearing under warranty because of a crater on the road, new tires different from manufacturer's specs, a blown out a/c blower. My overview: great car for my needs, extremely dependable, good mileage. If need be, can be spirited and leave similar suv's on the rearview mirror with a firm sporty handling. Great inner space and roof rail system for carrying bicycles, kayaks, etc with appropiate fittings.The AWD system is impeccable and has saved me several times from being stuck offroad and in floodings. Need to know more? Email me. jd

2005 Subaru Forester

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