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2002 Aztek

2016-06-26 09:23:39

I bought my yellow Aztec, in 2003. It only had 15,000 miles on it. I LOVE MY CAR!!! Mine is yellow all over. It's not the one that has the black on the bottom. It's been garaged kept and looks brand new. We've had sooo much fun with this car. We've camped in it, I used it to haul items from small tables to queen sized beds. I drove it to Texas 2 years ago to get my husband. He fell and broke his hip and femur during the ice storm, in March. I put a reg. sized blow-up mattress in the back, made it up like a bed, put him back there and drove 14 1/2 hours back to SC. People often come up to me and ask what kind of car it is and how long I've had it. When they hear I've had it for 14 years, they always comment that it looks like a brand new car. It's funny reading the comments about how ugly the Aztek is and it's ALWAYS #1, on the ugly car list, but for some reason, there are a lot of people wanting one. They're hard to find and in good condition. I saw a white one at as car lot and wanted to buy it. When I saw the condition of it, my heart broke. The guy kept lowering the price so I would buy it. He probably would have paid me to take it. If my husband hadn't been battling cancer, I would have bought it and fixed it up.Anyway, I don't care what people say, I LOVE MY AZTEK! There are a lot of people who want one so I'm not sure why it stays on the top of the UGLY ********** OK. I like being different.

2005 Pontiac Aztek

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