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4.0 out of 5

Best car I have ever purchased

durlinsdad 2011-04-21 01:33:39

I have an '05 LS Ultimate. After the 2005 Katrina storm, I traveled between New Orleans and Houston, Tx. many times. Before I purchased the Mercury, I had a mid-size sedan. The trips wore me out. I had to stop at every rest park. My legs would cramp and I had to get out of the car. After I purchased the Mercury, I made the trips in total comfort. My Mercury has the self adjusting air ride and it is worth the added cost. It holds the road without drift during windy storms and poor road conditions. The only problem I have is that the white paint is chipping off on the roof 's rear joint section. I was advised that it was caused by the car wash, On the other side of the roof there is no chipping. The only vehicle that came close to the comfort of the Mercury Ultimate was the 1989 New Yorker, but it did not hold the road well. It would lean on curves and and it did not have the performance of the Mercury. In windy storms, it would drifts badly. If I had to choose again, it would be the Mercury Ultimate.

2005 Mercury Grand Marquis

marginal at best

2007-07-29 09:43:18

My 2005 Marquis is mechanically sound, no problems since bought the car new other than a tail light bulb. Gas mileage is okay, but nowhere near the stated figures.Interior seating space and trunk space are exceptionally good.

Ride is a different story. The wind/ road noise and stiffness of the suspension make traveling painful. Drowns out conversation and requires the radio to be played loudly to hear. Every small bump in the rode is felt in the cabin. Backseat passengers need kidney belts.This problem has been getting progressively worse since I bought the car. I owned one for 5 years before buying the 2005 and rented one for a week prior to purchasing my car and the problems were not noticed. Discussion with several other owners indicate they are experiencing the same deteriorating ride problem. Dealership says that the problems are within normal range. Would not purchase another solely for the ride issues

2005 Mercury Grand Marquis

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