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Quirky but Beautiful

2012-01-23 17:34:16

I have almost 40k miles on my 2005 Quattroporte. It is fun to drive when you can move through the gears or on the open highway. Stop and go traffic is not as much fun with the Duo-Select transmission not the best for "creeping". The Duo-Select tends to hesitate when accelerating from a stop as the F1 computer and pump react to your pressing the accelerator. This requires the driver to pick larger gaps to enter traffic. However, once engaged you must hold on as the power comes on fast once the clutch is engaged. Great to use the paddles and full throttle to get to the posted speed limit quickly! Maintenance is expensive with a clutch replacement and brakes costing what you would expect for an exotic car. I also have a Mercedes R Class which seems very economical by comparison. Resale is extremely poor for the 2005 and they can be had for less than 20% of their original sticker prices. Make sure you know the total cost to own and demand a complete maintenance history. The QP is not the fastest, best handling or most economical sports sedan out there *********** turns heads and puts a smile on my face every day on the way to work.

2005 Maserati Quattroporte

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