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Mini Cooper "S" Convertible

2009-01-08 09:21:36

Just bought a 2005 "S" convertible and am amased at the performance and handling. Now I know why this car is the pick of rally drivers. VERY quick with the supercharger and has plenty of pedal up to 100mph. Consistant 30 mpg even with my foot in the power curve. PROs: Just a fun car to drive with good mpg. CONs: The convertible has a bad blind spot that requires a trip to PEP Boys for an add-on mirror. You have to learn to drive the blind spot and increase its awareness.

2005 MINI Cooper

2005 mini cooper convertible.

2008-12-26 16:59:13

Our cooper convertable has given lots of fun driving exsperiances. Its nible and willing chassis are a great combo with this car. Our car is equiped with a 6 speed cvt trasmisson. and to tell you the truth it is one of not many down points to the car. with its 115hp rating the moter always feels ready, yet the tranny simply cant seem to keep up or shift fast enouf to unleash the cars potential. now dont get me wrong it is a good tranny for freeway cruzing. at 60mph it turns around 2800Rpm and if needed mash the gas and it takes off right away and gets the moter to its main power range from 4000 to 6000 redline quick, as it then carrys it threw its 6 so called speeds. Now that is the strong point of this. the down side is in town. from a stop punch the gas and it bearly does anything, then after a few seconds bam you are pushed back in your seat, than after a few more seconds of constant power,it seems to cut the power from the moter then repedadly does that untill you are to speed. weird i know, we even asked the dealership about it and it happens to be the nature of this transmison. outher than that it is great fun dip it into any corrner as it carves right around it. and stopping the car is quick. inside the car is full of personality. and the powertop is great, it even includes a partial open feature to simulate a large sunroof.

2005 MINI Cooper

Review of 2005 MINI Cooper

2008-05-14 09:02:06

2005 MINI Cooper

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