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Review of 2005 Jeep Liberty

AOL user 2009-11-22 11:53:34

really love the jeep renegade the only problem with owning ajeep these days is getting parts... ******* and took 4 months from body shop to get all parts needed... makes me think twice about purchasing another jeep unless the company improves its repair parts remember, i do love my jeep.....

2005 Jeep Liberty

Review of 2005 Jeep Liberty

speedoflite1 2009-07-15 15:13:21

Pros: Reasonably Priced (got a deal!); Corners tightly; EZ to park; Good accelleration & handling; Sits up higher than most SUVs of its class (17 in. chrome wheels, is a plus); Black interior w/chrome detail; Indepedent rear door and window operation; Air Conditioning (ice cold); Mechanically sound and Reliable so far. Cons: Interior cloth seats stains; Gas Compsumption (city): 15 mpg; Won't fit in my garage (too high); Rides slightly harsh/bumpy, but, hey, it's a Jeep. Overall: Very Satisfied. Love it!

2005 Jeep Liberty

2005 Jeep Liberty Sport 4x4...Great Jeep

AOL user 2009-06-02 16:54:20

I bought this Jeep in 2008 as a certified pre-owned model from a friend's dealership. I obviously saved alot of money by going the used route, but the overall quality of the Jeep was fine. Paint and interior were still in very good condition, with only a good detailing and a view stone chips needing to be touched up. I'll start with my DISLIKES first, to get the bad out of the way... I do not like the way the tailgate opens on the 02-07 Liberties, I prefer the entire tailgate to be one piece. I avg in the 19-20 MPG range and I drive fairly conservatively. This is not terrible, but if you *******, the truck will plummet to 14-15 MPG in a heartbeat. This is no gas saver. Lastly, the seat material stains very easily. Now my LIKES... We have owned at least 10 Jeeps in my family. We have never had a malfunction that sidelined any of our Jeeps. They are ultra-reliable in my experience and this one has been no exception. Oil and gas and no other worries. Its got good power for towing my dirtbikes and other toys. The 4x4 system is the command-trac that Jeep has used for ages and it shows why. The Jeep is unstoppable in snow and is much better than the average SUV off-road too. Braking and handling are pretty sharp for a Jeep, and its easy to park and maneuver due to great visibility. Lastly, the Liberty has had great crash ratings and feels very solid and safe. I would recommend this generation of Liberty to anybody. I have no experience with the new body style so I will not comment. If you are looking for an SUV but do not want something huge, or unreasonably thirsty...check out the Jeep Liberty. They can be found for really good prices, are good looking, reliable, all-weather friendly, and safe.

2005 Jeep Liberty

Idaho Jeep

tztw0s9zusr 2008-11-19 22:56:53

Love my '05 Liberty! Bought it used and what a value! Life in a rural area with lots of unimproved (aka dirt or gravel) roads can be a trick in the winter, my Jeep makes it easy to get around without having to have a big truck. Comfy for long trips on the highway too and very reliable!

2005 Jeep Liberty

Love my Liberty!!

2007-11-02 04:22:59

I have a 2005 Jeep Liberty and I love it!

I was considering buying a Toyota Rav 4, but the Rav was more expensive and the Liberty was a better value!

My only complain is the gas mileage...it could be better, but it's not bad for an SUV.

2005 Jeep Liberty

Leasing My Third Liberty Ltd.

2007-10-27 10:22:16

I owned a 2002, 2005, and am getting ready to lease the 2008. The size is perfect for me, has great pickup; looks sporty; is smaller than the Grand Cherokee; which I owned two of, and is high enough so I can still see over smaller vehicles. I live in the Atlanta area and you can get pretty intimidated by 18 wheelers on the expressways if you are in a short vehicle. My jeep is spoiled because it thinks it's a car. It has never been off the road and only goes over short curbs. I have never had any mechanical problems with either of mine.

Love the leather heated seats, sunroof, and sirius radio with 6 CD changer.

Downside.........I am a little disappointed on how the price is going up, getting right up there with the Grand Cherokee. I leased a white Liberty and the rubber fenders and bumpers have yellowed. I don't like the windows controls in the center console. The back seats don't go down flat like my Grand Cherokee did.

2005 Jeep Liberty

Just Give Up The Liberty

2007-10-19 06:11:09

My 'ex' leased a brand new 2005 Liberty "Trail Rated" 'Limited' in 2005 with a 3.7 Litre V-6.

It has abysmal gas mileage, (you are lucky to get 13 m.p.g. in the city and 18 on the highway). My 1994 4x4 Chevy Suburban with a 350 V-8 gets a whole lot better mileage and it is "old technology" and weighs over 2,000 Lbs. MORE than the Liberty !!!

The ride on a smoothly paved road is jerky and jouncy - and that's if you are lucky enough to be riding in the front seats !! The back seat is like flying in a small single engine plane in severe turbulence. Standard equipment should be back seat barf-bags !!

Numerous problems abound. Air tire pressure monitors warn of low tire pressure even when the tires are inflated up to spec. The radio / CD player has been replaced twice for various reasons. The seat adjuster quit working less that 3 months after the vehicle was delivered.

Space for cargo is very limited,(maybe that's what the "Limited" tag means ??...). My old Honda Accord holds more stuff in the trunk.

This vehicle is not very nimble off road. A helmet seems like a good idea even if you are traveling not far off road and on moderately undulating terrain so your brain is not knocked unconscious when it hits the roof.

In short, this vehicle does NOTHING well and is poorly designed. I am not at all surprised Jeep Liberty sales have plunged over 30%. Look for this bad beast to be deservedly killed off by Chrysler next year.

There are a lot more good SUV's out there for the same or less $$, so-skip buying that 'cute' Liberty !

2005 Jeep Liberty

Sweet Ride

2007-10-04 04:23:38

So far, a real war horse.

2005 Jeep Liberty

2005 JEEP Liberty

2007-09-20 07:39:08

I have the 2005 JEEP Liberty and I LOVE it!! It has "Farfegnugen" (driving pleasure or driving fun). It handles very well and is quite comfortable. If the 2008 is as good or better, I would highly recommend you try the JEEP Liberty.

2005 Jeep Liberty

05 CRD Liberty

2007-09-19 11:21:23

I love my Liberty even with it's few little problems. Having been in the trucking business for many years we are not afraid of diesel and know the benefits of going with diesel. I was looking for a smaller vehicle for running around in and was interested in the possiblity of using biodiesel. We also own a Ford Excursion (diesel of course) that tows the boat, travel trailer, etc. but we have used the Liberty to move the trailer, all 30 ft of it, and it does it without a problem. The deisel engine has alot of torque and will pull about anything although it is limited by the braking ability (I was actully pushed though a stop sign once while towing a utility trailer because I forgot the trailer was back there)The only negative thing I would say is there is a bit of a lag before the turbo kicks in but you do get used to it. My son even took his driver's test in it. The best is the truck drivers, I can't tell you how many times I've gotten "hey lady that's the diesel pump" when I pull up in my little red Liberty, then when I tell them they all have a million questions about it. I plan to keep mine for quite a while and I definitely won't be parting with until Jeep puts a diesel in the Liberty again!

2005 Jeep Liberty

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