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My 05 Santa Fe

2009-03-25 05:26:15

I bought my 05 Santa Fe in Jan. 08, so it's a little broken in. I actually had gone to Carmax (Hoover, Al) to look at another SUV that was on the lot, but after talking to the salesmen and explaining why I was looking at this other SUV, he actually advised me to look at and test drive the Santa Fe 1st, then drive the one I had come to look at. The Santa Fe was comfortable and felt like it was made for me. I am a short person, and all the bells and whistles were within easy reach, plus it was just so easy to drive. It drove very well on the hwy and around town... When we got back from test driving the Sante Fe, the salesmen then advised me to drive the SUV I had come to look at to begin with. I agreed. As soon as I sat in the other vehicle, I knew it was not for me! It was sooo not comfortable, the basic gadgits (ac/heat, radio) were not easy to get to, it didn't have near the bells & whistles, nor did it drive as well, plus it didn't get as good gas mile-age. So you guessed it, I was sold on the Sante Fe!!! Best part was when I looked at the price and it was half the price of the other vehicle. Oh yea, I am loving my salesman! Just got back from my 1st major road trip without the hubby, just me and the Santa Fe! Drove from B'ham, Al to Tampa, Fl. She did awesome! Had no probs what so ever!! And the gas mileage was to die for, especially with the prices so high. Mapquest gave me an idea on cost for gas, my Santa Fe beat it! (and I ain't no slow left hand driver...haha) Will I buy another after this one? You betcha! I wasn't having the best of luck with cars before my Santa Fe. The cars I had were all new "lemons" and left me stranded more than once. My Hyundai has shown no signs or threats of doing so, therefore I'm slowly building up my confidence again in traveling, which is a major step for me.

2005 Hyundai Santa Fe

Hyundai Sante Fe

2007-10-10 12:45:00

My Husband bought my 2005 Hyundai Sante Fe in Dec 2004. We have found it to be the best SUV we have owned to date. Gas mileage at 25 MPG is outstanding for us since we travel some distance weekly. Comfort is superb. The interior neat, easy to clean, very roomy, appealing visual exterior and with all the accoutrements I need for my driving comfort. Most especially to date, other than oil changes I have not had one problem with the performance of my Hyundai,Sante Fe.I highly recommend this vehicle to any new car buyers when looking for a car with looks, style, safety and overall great performance.

2005 Hyundai Santa Fe

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