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4.5 out of 5

Not happy with new CRVs

2008-10-07 20:58:40

I've happily had 2 CR-Vs previous to this model and am not happy with the look of the new 2008 & 2009. The curved rear side windows impede vision, especially for shorter women (who are probably the main driver of this vehicle.) For that matter, the whole car is more rounded, which takes away from the look and the space available. It now resembles any number of other cars and doesn't look like a Honda. The new model no longer offers standard shift. When I questioned why, I was told because the gas mileage with automatic transmission is now comparable to the standard shift. Many of us in "snow country" prefer standard transmission because of its handling in snow. Also, putting the spare tire inside the car, instead of on the back of the rear door exterior takes away from the the overall look of the car, which now resembles a station wagon that's been raised a little higher. One advantage to the spare on the exterior was that if a change was needed due to a flat tire, one didn't have to empty the whole back of the car to get at the tire (a real pain wen vacationing with a full load of luggage etc.) Now, the spare is located in the interior. I was ready to trade and get a new CRV, but due to the look of this model, have changed my mind.

2005 Honda CR-V

Sweet CR-V

2008-08-25 20:57:23

My mom has a Honda CR-V EX that I just love.The brakes are impressive and the tires are clean!But if you open the back window, the noise becomes uncomfortable inside!The speedometer goes to 150 mph but it rides smoothly at 75 and has a 4-cylinder engine.If you want a reliable Crossover/SUV, pick a CR-V because I also like the 2008 model too! tootles!

2005 Honda CR-V

drunk lesbians

2008-04-09 07:53:51

2005 Honda CR-V

My CRV is a classy workhorse

2007-10-16 09:11:15

My 2005 CRV is dependable, economical, and still beautiful after 3 years. I bought her new, added a tow package and still travel all over the place. Great mileage, very comfortable and tows very well.

I highly recommend having one.

2005 Honda CR-V

CRV Not as good as I expected

2007-09-14 08:46:17

Well being retired and towing a small fishing boat, I have to admit this is not the vehicle for that. On a trip it also has a lot of interior noise, seats are very uncomfortable, esp. if you try to catch a few winks. Te fuel milage is good for a all wheel drive and there is plenty of room. All and all it's not the vehicle to go to if you want to just own one. Thank goodness I kept my Ford Range 4x4 truck or I would be limited on where I could boat. The Subaru Forester has a much better tow rating, but there again it does not sit hight enought off the ground.

2005 Honda CR-V

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