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Review of 2005 Ford Freestyle

Warden for Nic 2009-01-18 23:21:12

2005 Ford Freestyle

Love my 2005 freestyle

2007-09-13 10:02:04

My wife and I traded our 2002 windstar for a left over 2005 freestyle and could not be happier.

We have owned it through one bad winter and now I look forward to this winter. It was so much fun.

We get 25 miles to the gallon on the highway, even in the moutains.

I don't understand why no one knows what this car is.

We are always having to explain what a freestyle is.

2005 Ford Freestyle

Freestyle Heaven

2007-09-03 07:22:00

We bought our Freestyle used when it came off a lease. It is a wonderful vehicle. It looks great, is put together well, performs flawlessly, and yes, we do get 25mpg or better out on the highway. Our other car is a small japanese wagon with a four cylinder engine. The small car only gets 29 mpg on its best day. The Ford is so much more comfortable, and so much safer, we only use the small wagon around town. I am as happy with the Freestyle as I have ever been with any car! I recommend it to everyone who needs a wagon or a full-sized car.

2005 Ford Freestyle

Great handling

2007-08-25 01:55:28

We have a 2005 Limited addition with 18 inch wheels. It is just rolls through deep snow and slush with no problem. It handles like a dream on curves with the Volvo chassis. It has comfortable room for six. We have taken a lot of one-day 800 mile trips and experience very little road fatigue and get good mileage loaded and going 80 mph. While I have not found a mountain pass it cannot maintain speed on, I would like more horsepower for quicker acceleration.

We have had no problems with this vehicle at all.

2005 Ford Freestyle

Our Freestyle is a Lemon

2007-08-19 11:17:30

This is the worst car on the planet. We are currently filing a Lemon law clam. The drive slips,(five times to the dealership still not repaired) The body will dent at the slightest bump. The tires and windshield washer blades are worn out at 24000 miles. The finish is coming of the leather. Oh yea we need a brake job. I have owned ford automobiles for the last twenty years but I am moving on...quality is no longer a concern for the Ford company.

2005 Ford Freestyle

Excellent choice

2007-08-19 08:43:05

Love this vehicle! Wanted something that was more economical and that would go with me into retirement next year after having 5 Explorers. This vehicle had everything I wanted, is easy to drive and handles wonderfully. Everyone asks what it is because it still looks like brand new and is stylish and attractive. We've driven it cross country and on several East Coast trips and have enjoyed the luxurious feeling, the roominess and comfort, even with two small dogs with us.

Our grandkids love the DVD player and the headphones, and there's room for all their gear besides. We checked a number of other vehicles before we decided on this one and we are happy we did. Although it looks like a small SUV, it is considered a wagon. All I know is that we've found the perfect vehicle for us, and when we move it will make taking all those boxes to our new location a cinch.

2005 Ford Freestyle

Review of 2005 Ford Freestyle

2007-08-11 11:30:19


2005 Ford Freestyle

Review of 2005 Ford Freestyle

2007-08-11 09:02:16

This has been an excellent vehicle for the price. I wonder why Ford has not pushed it.Maintenence has been very low.

2005 Ford Freestyle

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