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4.0 out of 5

Love it

2008-11-23 11:41:47

I highly recommend the car, and getting the fully loaded version of this car - the heated seats are amazing especially in Canadian winters. The first thing I noticed when I got in was how comfortable the seats were with the upgraded upholstery - wow. This is a great car with tons of room packed into it, the seats not only come forward and back but also up and down adjusting to your height. Ford was targeting this car at women and minorities and for us shorter women this is a great feature. It's too bad there's not pictures of the inside of this car - it's really lovely. Comes with a 6CD changer stereo, but I took out the stereo and replaced it with my own as I use an ipod stereo. Not only has 2 front cup holders and one in the back but also cup holders in the side doors as well, very convenient. In the fully loaded version the mirrors are heated and windows as well so no more scraping off the side mirror, that's pretty sweet. The windows are also tinted. There's also a back window wiper which I've already had to use once, I've always wanted a car with a back window wiper, I know - it's the little things that make me happy. In the back there's tons of room, there's also a 60/40 split in case you needed a little more room to bring a larger item home. And of course it has other nifty things like a roof rack - perfect for bringing home the Christmas tree or going camping. Cruise control is on the steering wheel in a great location and doesn't interfere with your driving at all, in fact the wheel itself is a little more ergonomical :) The one thing I would have really liked in this car would be the lighting system - it's manual meaning I have to turn my lights on and remember to turn them off - would of loved having them automatically by sensor like my last car but that's about it. Important things like Gas mileage - it's as good as it claims, I drive a lot and I must say this is a great little car on gas with it's eco friendly system. Love this car!!

2005 Ford Focus

its my baby!

2008-10-22 03:28:36

i bought this car after i got into an accident and totalled my oldsmobile alero. i used to have a vintage ford so i figured i would go with a newer one because i trust them. n i love this car. the exterior styling is hot. i put some nice chrome 20" lugghatti rims on it, added some other touches. chrome antenna n so on, and its a beauty. i get tons of compliments about it. the engine is great much more powerful than my older car- which was a 2.3 liter. my car has 45,000 miles n never had a problem. plenty of room inside as well. im a sit-straight kind of person, so i dont really need room.. but there is definitly plenty of it. sometimes my mom will drive my car n she will have herself stretched all out.. n ive had my friend who is 6'4" in the passenger seat n he said he was very comfy. i rated durability only good because well..i just wish some of the parts werent so plasticy. i have a 4 year old brother n he barely touched one of the air vents n it broke off. but i know that is not a big deal so it doesnt really affect my vision of this car. everything is freakin plastic nowadays. all in all i will never give this car up...unless i suddenly have 8 kids n need a bigger car.haha.

2005 Ford Focus

Decent Car For Price

2008-08-13 13:31:41

This is a great car for the price. If you don't really care about the external appearance, or putting a couple hundred dollars into it every now and then.

2005 Ford Focus

2005 Focus

2007-11-02 02:43:24

I bought my used Focus wagon, downsizing from a Dodge Caravan and I like it. The gas mileage isn't as good as stated, it does have a noisy ride, and I wish the front of the drivers seat was a little higher or had an adjustment, but otherwise its a nice car and fulfills my needs After buying it, I checked out a Honda Fit and wish I had seen that first.

2005 Ford Focus

Review of 2005 Ford Focus

2007-10-02 01:15:00

So i have had my 2005 Focus for just about three years now and i absolutely love it. I have had a few things that needed to be fixed like my stereo but it was all warranty work and the dealer has been awsome. I was also in a pretty bad accident with it and it did everything it was supposed to the seatbelt locked like it should breaking the mechanism and deployment of the airbags. Once the car was repaired it was as good as new and i still love it.

2005 Ford Focus

Review of 2005 Ford Focus

2007-08-29 11:11:23

I have a 2005 Ford Focus with 25,000 miles. At 20,000 miles I was told that my tires are bad and Ford won't replace them under warranty because I didn't get them rotated every 5,000 miles. When I checked into replacing them the price for this size of tire at Costco is $187.00 per tire.

My car now has 25,000 miles and the arm rest between the driver and passenger seat broke (plastic) and my warranty will not cover this either, they said I abused it even though I have assured them that I have not.

2005 Ford Focus

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