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5.0 out of 5

F150 Lariat super cab 4x4

2007-11-07 06:11:11

No complaints with this truck. 13mpg in the city is what should be expected for such a heavy vehicle with a large displacement V8 engine. The interior is quiet and comfortable at any speed. I love the deep cargo box especially when carring several bags of rocks, mulch, dirt, etc.

2005 Ford F-150

2005 Dark Shadow FX4 Supercab 6.5ft bed 4X4

2007-08-11 10:10:44

Well i was unable to choose trim level, so see the title.

But anyways, I can't say enough about my truck. I have had several full sizers and by far this one is the best. My friend has a Nissan Titan, another friend just bought the new body Tundra, and man can you really tell who makes the best trucks. Sure the Titan and Tundra will run circles around my 5.4 liter beast, but put a 9000 pound trailer on the back of one of those soggy framed trucks and pull it from Jersey to Nevada and you tell me which one you'd rather own. I've never felt stability in a light duty full sizer the way i do with this one. The F-150 trumps the compition, with that vault solid chassis, you can't beat it. And with all its capabilties, it handles like a big Audi sedan. I feel more in control doing a hundred in this truck than in my 06 A6 Quattro sedan, that car sits more because i enjoy the F-150 so much more, esp. on trips. Awesome seats, wonderful Audiophile 6 disc audio system, friends love the dvd player in the ceiling. The only thing Ford could do better is give it more power, to outaccelerate those pesky Rams, Titans and Tundras. But if that means loosing the amazing structural rigidity the Ford has, forget it. 4000 pounds of top soil in my bed merely lowered my truck a few inches. Handled like a dream, stopped just fine, and accelerated like the pro she is. 2500 pounds of dirt in my friends Titan broke both leaf springs. LOL. sorry Tommy, i told you to by the Ford. FORD RULES THE TRUCK MARKET...that new super duty? OH MY GOD SUPER SEXY!!! but hey i'm sticking with this one for a long time, my 01 supercrew fx4 had 300,000 miles, this one has almost 80k so far, not a minutes worth of trouble, she is better than the day it was new.

2005 Ford F-150

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