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Ford Escape Big Disappointment

2009-06-05 18:06:11

About 6 months after purchasing my 2005 Escape new, it started to lose power and the gas milage worsened. Initially, the car was spunky and had enough power to ******* down the road nicely. Defect # 1: a collapsed catalytic converter. Defect # 2: a stuck throttle body assembly. Both were repaired by the Ford dealer under warranty, however, the car never returned to it's "pre-problem" responsiveness. After many visits to the dealer, they started to make comments like "that 4 cylinder engine should never have been put into that car". The Ford Customer Care department should have been named the "Excuses and Avoidance Department". They left me high and dry with a car that could barley go up the hill my house is on. The Steel wheels and the welded joints around the rear hatch door also started to signs of rust with a year. The padding i the upholstery was so insufficient that you could feel the steel bracing in the seats and there was a significant defect in the rear window glass that looked like a "time warp". The estimated high 20's mpg was never realized even when this car was running it's best. Ford told me that the estimates on the window sticker are often revised at a later time! How does this help the consumer make good comparative choices?

2005 Ford Escape

Review of 2005 Ford Escape

2009-04-18 17:14:50

This the best vehicle I have ever owned I drive it 70 miles a day and performes just as good as the day I bought it.I plan on buying a new one soon I bought this one used.

2005 Ford Escape


2008-07-26 09:07:55

I have my 2005, 4 wheel drive, Ford Escape 2 years now. I loved it from the get-go -- after totalling my Ford Explorer:/ Great size and color. I was getting 18 to 22 mpg until I went for that electronic tune up earlier this year, after my first 30K miles, thinking I was doing a good thing... Now I get only 16 to 20 mpg. The shop has had it back but can do nothing else. Does anyone have a suggestion?

2005 Ford Escape

2005 Ford Escape

2007-09-20 05:44:06

I've bought my Ford Escape new in April 2005. I currently have just under 20k miles on it. I traded in my 2001 Explorer Sport Trac because I was moving to south Florida and wanted something that got better gas mileage. While I have had no problems with it at all, there has been 3 recalls on it since I bought it.

I'm moving back to the midwest and I am probably going to keep it until next summer or fall and then get something with all-wheel or 4-wheel drive. I may get another Escape and I'm seriously considering the hybrid.

This car is affordable and performs well and rides well plus it has good acceleration with the 6 cylinder engine but the gas mileage could be a little better. Overall, I've been happy with it and would seriously consider getting another one when I get rid of this one.

2005 Ford Escape

I loved my Escape !

2007-09-11 11:43:57

I have a 07 Ford truck now , I hate it , drives beautifully ,looks great , no problems at all with it ,But I want my Escape back, can't wait till the lease is up on the truck lol ...Escape handled great ,and I loved the smaller gas tank,I want my Escape back !!

2005 Ford Escape

suburban phila, pa owner

2007-09-09 10:08:40

only own this XLS model for 3 wks now, just put on my first 1k miles. downsized fm 07 explorer to escape for fuel economy. just me & wife + 2 grandchildren ocassionally. drive to visit them 2-3 times a month, 90 mi away, so when explorer hit 107,000 mi decided it was time to get something newer & economical before it began draining us on rprs. found it at local dealer, asking $12.5k for it, 24k mi, 2wd, 4cyl,auto w air, pymts worked out to just over $250/mo and ins only went up $10/mo fits all aspects of budget in that respect. so far very pleased with it, gas miles have been 18-26 mpg for my first 1k mi and was surprised how quick it gets up to 55+ mph for a 4 cyl. only thing i "suspect" about it is integirty of plastic trim on body. have found some loose parts, only hope more dont surface quickly as miles addup, but for money i cant expect quality of a mercedes or rolls-royce. almost bought a 06 Suzuki, XL7 before escape until we took it for test ride on that same 90 mile trip t central pa. it was a 6 cyl so the fuel economy wasnt there, but the comfort was not there either. seat padding very stiff, like sitting on wrestling mat padding. only time will tell on how escape holdsup to mileage and i will update periodically.

2005 Ford Escape

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