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dodge neon srt-4 ACR review

jnohre 2012-06-17 08:52:42

I grew up in the muscle car days of the late sixtys and early 70's. When big horsepower and great looking rides ruled the streets. I had a 1968 dodge coronet R/T right out of high school and still own a 1967 coronet today. I also had a 383 powered '62 Dodge Dart that would pull a wheelstand back in the day. Well through the years I have seen a lot of cars come and go. Dont get me wrong, even though I am a mopar guy at heart I like all the Mucle cars including the trans am,gto, gran torino,chevelle etc. Ive road in most of them and driven alot of them. But when I first saw an SRT-4 it did something to me that a car hasnt done for years, it made me excited enough to want one. It was like the '68 plymouth road runner recipe all over again. A good looking, fast good handling car for under 20K!!! And to boot it gets over 30mph! This was almost a no brainer! Well I had to drive one. I took that car salesman on a ride that he will never forget! Shades of 1967!! So I bought one of the last srt-4 ACR 's that were made in 2005 Its a red beauty. I had the local mopar dealer( altman chrysler) install the top of the line stage 3 turbo kit solid motor mounts, oversize intercooler. I installed the long ram cold air intake and also the borla exhaust. It is the best performing best handling car that I have ever had. And remember the 30mpg? It still gets it if you can take it easy! But even hot rodding it still gets over 20mpg. How fast is this car? About 180mph with a quarter mile timeslip in the 11's. Yes is will eat a Z06 corvette alive. Does it handle? oh ya it does , with the tokiko adjustable dampers and the oversize sway bars from the factory it does 1.12 on the skidpad. And in the slolam it is alot faster than the viper ACR because of its light weight.(about 2800 lbs) So what is the sum total of the srt-4 ACR? I have owned it for 7 years and I love driving it the same as I did the first day I test drove on back in '04! Enough said!!!!!

2005 Dodge Srt4

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