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3.5 out of 5

Caravan is poor quality and poor customer service

2008-12-14 14:37:24

2 sets of breaks in 60,000 miles 3+ recalls power door does not work front drive train replaced 35,000 miles Transmission catastrophic failure 68,000 miles Stabilizer bushings gone 69,000 miles Chrysler was rude and did not care.

2005 Dodge Caravan

Never again.

2007-09-12 10:57:10

I've had my Dodge Caravan for almost 2 years now, and I absolutly hate it. I really wish I would have spent the extra money for the Grand, because that V4 has NO power. I'm not a fast driver at all, but the pick up is awful, I have to floor it just to safely get on the highway, and it still takes 10 years to get up to speed. I think it is a very cheaply made vehicle, but I guess you get what you pay for.

2005 Dodge Caravan

Review of 2005 Dodge Caravan

2007-09-08 12:12:35

This Caravan replaces my 1990 caravan that I bought new in 1990. That car ran 210,000 miles. I drove it until this summer when the body rusted away. It didn't burn oil and performed at 30 mpg. It had a manual 5 speed transmission. My only complaint with my new Caravan is that I could not get a standard transmission. I get 25 overall mpg with the new car. Overall, what you pay for what you get, the Caravan is a very good value indeed. Nothing else comes close.

2005 Dodge Caravan

The best car for me !!!

2007-09-04 10:40:00

This '05 Town and Country is my 6th Chrysler minivan. The versatility of these vans is legendary. I was an on the road salesman for 20 years, and this was the perfect work vehicle. I have a large family, and it was still the perfect vehicle for me.

Congratulations Chrysler engineering !!!! I appreciate your cars.

Larry Lepley

2005 Dodge Caravan

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