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4.5 out of 5

Love my car!!!

2010-11-03 22:52:55

Always had bought new Altimas but I LOVE my Maxima- the difference between a 4 cylinder and a 6 is crazy! I have had the car for 4 yrs and have NEVER had a problem, just get the oil changed, tires and brakes done on time and it is a GREAT car!!!!! I want to trade this 04 in and get a newer one since I drive a lot for work and the miles are getting high- still hold great value and just had it detailed- like BRAND NEW!!!! YAY

2004 Nissan Maxima

Solid, reliable car, however turn radius sucks

2007-08-24 08:01:11

Mine's been reliable as a brick. However, the turn radius is 40 feet. EVERYTHING on the road out-turns it. U-turns are out unless there's 2 1/2 lanes. You will never again "just whip it" into a parking space. It will become a 2 or 3 maneuver back & forth. People will honk at your now-inept driving skills. You will become the person you used to honk at.

Controls for the air, stereo, defroster,ect not user friendly while under way. You must take your eyes off the road to find the tiny button you want.

Controls for the large mirrors are hidden & non-discript on the dash behind the steering wheel. Even if you do find it, it's almost flush with the rest of the dash and unintelligable. Stupid move...I need to move mirrors so I'm not blinded by the guy behind me with his high beams on. Put it where I can get to it!

Can't find a comfortable position with these seats. They cut into the backs of my legs. If you want to put the seat back & rest, the headrest moves farther & farther from your head, until it rests where your shoulders were.

2004 Nissan Maxima


2007-08-07 06:36:18

My 04 MAXIMA is (without a doubt) the best performing car I have ever owned. With 79000 miles on it right now, I have never had any major mechanical problems with this vehicle. Other than regular maintenance, the only thing I had to do was replace the stereo radio / CD player, which was covered under warranty. If there is a compaint to be made, it is the cost and ack of longevity of the tires. The first set barely lasted 30000 miles, with reguar rotatios etc. The car exudes style, especially because it is the ELITE model, which is a 4 seat sedan with a front to back center console..VERY SHARP! My question to NISSAN is this, WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO WAKE UP AND MAKE A CONVERTIBLE VERSION OF THIS CAR? YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO KEEP THEM ON THE DEALER'S LOTS IF YOU DO. You need to make a full size convertible to compete with the Toyota Solara, BMW, Mercedes, and the like. Mechanically, you have the best and most reliabl car with plenty of power and style. You need to make a convertible in which people can really sit in the back seat. Stick with the ELITE PACKAGE and go kick some competitive ass.

2004 Nissan Maxima

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