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rating the 2004 town car ultimate

2007-10-05 06:51:00

i bought my 2004 town car ultimate model band new, and wondered where my head was in not buying one before this. it is quiet, handles well, gas mileage is an impressive 30.5 highway mileage when i drive like an egg is under the accelerator, and with cruise control and OBEY the speed limit. the dealer bends over backward to please me, and that is something my old toyota dealer stopped doing years ago. the company likewise is interested in my dealership experience, and i would have to nit pik to find something wrong. no leaks, rattles, it has a quiet and wonderful ride. people who have driven it say it 'floats' down the road. unlike its major competitor , Cadillac, which admitedly has more daring design models, it also fails in frequency of repair reports in consumers report. the town car is possibly the last of the big American cars on the road, incorporating the latest safety features along with name recognition, image respectability, and the like. if i had to name one negative it is the overkill of technology. I do not need nor want fifty some pages of instructions to operate the radio. The upgrade package which includes excellent speakers makes up for this. All in all, while a grand car, in terms of practability, it still fits in my garage, I can park in metered tandem parking downtown and uses regular grade gasoline.

2004 Lincoln Town Car


2007-09-02 12:08:16

you have to be kidding!!!!!!!!!!! the Town Car is a pile of shit and has been. A new one starts at about 45000.00 and in less then a year it's worth nothing. The one that my father owns starting falling apart in less then a year.

2004 Lincoln Town Car

Review of 2004 Lincoln Town Car

2007-08-06 12:13:00

My 1996 and 2004 Towncars are the best cars I ever owned. I even traded in my new 2004 Lexus LS430 after 5 months for the 2004 Lincoln T/C because of the driver conveniences that were lacking on my Lexus.

2004 Lincoln Town Car

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