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3.5 out of 5

Don't buy this JUNK

2010-02-24 20:14:51

I have 2004 crv with 86000 miles. I started having issues with check engine lights about a few thousand miles back for the past 7 months. Every 2 months i get the cel lights.. tech pull out different misfired codes.. we changed multiple solenoids, actuator switches, cleaned out pipes..and still it misfires..the dealer now tells me the coolant is being leaked into parts of the engine its not supposed to.. he is saying i may need to replace the whole engine and am looking at atleast $5000 .. freaking junk of a car.. i called Honda and they said they can't help me since it is out of warranty.. I will NEVER buy a Honda in my life..

2004 Honda CR-V

2004 CR-V EX

2009-11-03 18:31:00

I got mine new and have just over 75K miles. I really love this car for it is great handling in rain and snow. This one has a 5-speed manual, which makes it fun to drive. The only complaint is the poor gas mileage on the highway. On my 10-mile trek to work I get about 25, but on the highway, with cruise control, it only gets 23.5 mpg. No one can figure why the poor mileage.

2004 Honda CR-V


2009-04-23 10:50:28

Originally the car was bought to be towed on all 4 wheels (very easily) behind a motor home. It was also used as an everyday car. I absolutely love my CRV, and intend to drive it for many more years. I have always taken it back to the dealer for all checkups. It turns on a dime, and the amount of cargo it can hold is truly astounding. IF I were to buy a new car, I would most likely buy another CRV, or other type of Honda. Sorry to the big 3, but they build a much better, reliable, lasting vehicle.

2004 Honda CR-V

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2004 Honda CR-V

2004 CR-V

2007-11-04 01:44:00

I love my CR-V!....Almost 40k miles with no problems - routine maintenance only. 24 mpg city and 28 mpg on the highway with real-time 4w drive. It's terrific on rough roads and in snow. Reasonably quiet ride and a great 6-disc sound system. I plan on driving this "to infinity and beyond!".....

2004 Honda CR-V

Review of 2004 Honda CR-V

2007-09-19 03:56:51

I owned a '99 CRV that I really liked. Bought this '04 that is much better as it is longer, wider and little bigger engine with AWD. The rear seats fold similiar to the '99 but not the same design. I do not get the gas mileage like the '99. My HWY is only about 25MPG which is disappointing. The rpm at 50mph is about 2000 which I feel is too high.

2004 Honda CR-V

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