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3.0 out of 5

Very satisfied

2011-04-08 23:49:17

I have owned ford rangers all my life recently I had a 2002 3.0 v6ranger xlt, not a problem out of the engine. Works great and was very pleased with it. I now own a 2004 4wd 4.0 V6 it has great power and is great for offroading or pulling loads it has tremendous tourq to pull up hills. It will out pull chevy by far along with dodge. Which I have had experience with. I will never get in a Chevrolet dodge or even Toyota again.

2004 Ford Ranger

Ford tough. My ass.

2009-11-01 07:42:54

I own one of these. The motor runs great at 150K. The problem is rust in the frame. I've spent nearly $3000 holding it together. The Ford company doesn't want to talk with me about it. They say there's no warranty, and get lost. I don't treat it differently than any of the cars or trucks I've owned since 1957, but this piece of garbage is rotting away. I've instructed all the members of my family that if I ever so much as test drive another Ford, they are to shoot me on the spot. If you're thinking about one of these, get on your back and slide underneath it. Ask to see some hard evidence of where the steel came from in it. And buy from a dealer you know very well so that you can take crumbling hangers and crossmembers and struts into his office and leave them on his desk ... or her desk. Sorry.

2004 Ford Ranger

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