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5.0 out of 5

Fantastic ford!!!

2015-03-23 18:04:39

just got a 04/gt 40th like new garage queen a san francisco car unmolested!!!!unreal !! and priced right.

2004 Ford Mustang

Convertible FUN!

2010-06-16 13:16:42

Black 2004 Mustang Premium V6 Convertible. If you are serious about owning a convertible, this is likely the best buy you could possibly make. Look at the competition. Check the prices. Compare features, room, gas mileage. Find one with the Mach Stereo it is simply awesome. Top down, Mach Stereo UP and if you don't enjoy this ride, please check your pulse, you might be dead. The door panels are cheaply made and so are the a/c vents, so what. The driveline is pretty bullet proof if you take care of it. The leather seats are flat, lets you slide around in the bends, so I view that as a positive and enhances the driving experience. The polished aluminum wheels are easier to clean than chrome wheels and shine almost as much. The trunk is small, ******* the right size for the car. Gas mileage is adequate, because we all want great mileage, but the issue is keeping your right foot from always wanting to push down a little more. It isn't a race car, it is a fun cruising car and everyone will be happy to pay you a compliment. If you say YES to a convertible and your funds are limited, put the Mustang on your shopping list.

2004 Ford Mustang

Comfortable back and neck seating

2007-08-29 16:42:00

I am a former news reporter, injured en-route,

to an assigment.

I have a corolla S. I do like the great "green" mileage savings.

But I must say, that with the unscrupulous way that my dealer defrauded me ... the front driver's seat comfort is beginning to take precidence.

The mustang I owned for one moth, before the Toyotas, was the most Aaahhhh comfort for my head and neck injury.

Mustang/ Ford....I commend you on your engineering design for the posture of the driver, passengers.... Yeah, USA.

The Asian auto market is grasping up the American consumer because of the "green" economy fuel consumption, but I know that their seating is created for the smaller asian physiqe and I am German/Frech relishing the comfort of the Mustang.Period.

Sincerely Yours, Denise

Your cite would not download the Pony Package, and a few other inquiries I had.

2004 Ford Mustang

40th Ann. Edition

2007-08-04 14:12:00

My Screaming Yellow convertible is an amazing car. 2004 GT with leather interior now has about 40K on it and not one mechanical issue. The interior in a convertible is always a concern in a city like Houston where you will have the top down a lot and it is subject to some extream heat, moister and humidity. The leather still looks amazing. The car handles well and has been very easy to add upgrades to. Amazing car.

2004 Ford Mustang

Review of 2004 Ford Mustang

2007-07-29 15:48:31

2004 Ford Mustang

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