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5.0 out of 5


2009-04-12 13:49:54

I love this truck. It handles great. I avoided an accident the first week I had it. I swerved to avoid a truck that can into my lane while doing 50 mph right in front of me. He lost control and went side ways.I cut to the left into the lane next to me and then back into my center lane. I missed the truck by about a foot. My F-150 handled like a sports car. My wife said thank God you were driving. I said thank God I bought this truck. The truck is so quite, it's like driving a car. With all the truck I have here the 18 miles per gallon isn't bad either. I feel you have to weigh safety and economy. I feel totally safe in this vehicle so we use it most of the time. I love the looks of ********* a Black XLT with chrome step tubes and chrome stock rims. When I liquid wax ******* like looking into black glass. Go Ford. Live long and prosper.

2004 Ford F-150


2008-11-16 14:39:33

This is the best truck i have ever owned. This truck hasnt let me down at all. I have lifted it 5" have 28" tires, with flowmaster exhaust, cold air intake,and a bunch of other stuff..I love this truck and i thinking of getting the new 09. so ill have both first year w/ the new look. THANKS FORD FOR THIS AWSOME TRUCK!!!!!

2004 Ford F-150

Nicest truck i've ever owned

2007-09-11 11:31:44

I have a 150 supercab Fx4 it has all the options .It drives better than anycar .I am a female 5.2 but i can see everthing so much better.I had a 2000 i loved it to no problems except for cruise-contol but that was fixed! I gave it to my husband so i could get the new style with the leather Bucket seats,

2004 Ford F-150

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