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3.0 out of 5

One Tough SUV

2009-08-16 15:47:05

I purchased my '04 in March of '04. I've had no problems with this Explorer and I will sure get another one. When I was building houses in the woods I could haul and pull stuff in that Explorer that would amaze you for a mid-size SUV! I recently visited the Allegheny Mountains in my state and we had to drive in the Explorer on dirt roads to go see the beautiful West Virginia mountains and lakes. My Explorer handled it with ease. I've also drove it on many hunting trips like to Oklahoma, Iowa, Texas, Virginia, Tennessee, and North Carolina! On my way to Oklahoma my Explorer got great gas mileage! We had it getting 25 to 26 mpg on the highway! I highly recommend buying a Ford Explorer as YOUR next vehicle!

2004 Ford Explorer

Only satisfactory for 36K miles.

2009-03-26 11:40:31

Purchased my first Explorer XLT brand new in 2004 and it will be the last Explorer I buy. The first 36K miles were trouble free. At 40K miles, the front axle, the pinion and rear axle seals leaked and had to be replaced. Not cheap! At 44K miles began to hear a humming noise. Turned out it was the bearings in the rear axle and had to be replaced. Expensive! When I asked if any of this was covered under the warranty, the answer was "NO." When I trade this vehicle in, I will not buy another Ford product.

2004 Ford Explorer

You Can Call It a Hummer

2007-12-11 10:34:00

My 2004 starting humming after just 6 months from the rear end. The dealer kept saying a fix is in the works until the warrenty expired. Now he says it needs a new rear end.

2004 Ford Explorer

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