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Baby X5, not so small after all

2007-11-04 03:38:43

The X3 driving dynamics is second to none. More agile than all of the SUV's I've ever driven, including the BMW X5, Lexus RX-350, Nissan Murano. The luggage space is HUGE, that's the primary reason we purchased this Bimmer for Costco runs. We have the 2.5i which is a little bit under powered. Also, the standard equipment is not as impressive as the competition, even with the premium package. All the options adds up and tips our final price in the $40,000 range with sales tax. But after almost 4 years of ownership, the X3 still performs excellent. And it still looks brand new and fresh. I would recommend this compact SUV to anyone that doesn't require 7 seat family haulers.

2004 BMW X3

Another fine vehicle!

2007-08-28 01:22:30

Purchased through the military sale program here in Germany, this vehicle has surpassed expectations. Runs well on the highway (read Autobahn over here), and is fast despite the electronic limitation (US spec vehicle vice the European models). Others complain the ride is stiff, but that allows for the responsive handling I've come to expect, given my law enforcement background. Extremely comfortable and handles well in all weather conditions; all wheel drive provides exceptional traction when climbing snow covered roads in the Alps, or really wet roads. The Steptronic transmission and Hill Descent Control also handy when negotiating narrow mountain roads in winter. Adaptive Xenon headlights provide great illumination. Could use a bit more space in the rear for cargo to accomodate large loads on family vacations.

2004 BMW X3

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