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BMW Is The Best Car

2007-10-07 08:53:34

I love this car, its has great power and response.The features are outstanding, and unbelievable. I once owned a 97 528i which was a excellent car, but the E60 is far over the top. I would recommend this car to anyone

2004 BMW 530

BMW Owner (13 in over 30 years)

2007-09-07 05:54:00

In all my BMWs I'd only owned one 5 series until the E90 BMW 530i premiered in 2004. I leased one for 3 years and drove it about 33,000 miles. I was very impressed that a car as large as this could be every bit as nimble and aggressive on the road as it's smaller sibling the 330i ,and yet it was almost as luxurius and comfortable as it's bigger sibling, the 7 series. At highway speeds (70-75), I averaged 33 to 34 miles per gallon; about 26 in city driving. The iDrive appears to be the bane of few drivers and the boon to writers who have to complain about something in order to seem important. As the current generation likes to say, "Get over it!". It is nothing than a computer, a screen and the wheel which acts as a mouse. Once you take the time to learn how it works, you can do most actions without taking your eyes off the road. Look at how many other cars have since copied the iDrive which has been around now for many years.

This car is truly a wonderful vehicle combining all the benefits and pleasure of a mid size sports car.

I enjoyed it so much that, at the end of the lease, I picked up my current BMW from the factory in Munich, Germany....a 2008 550i. Now, there's a car!

2004 BMW 530

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