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Review of 2004 Audi A4

2008-01-03 10:12:03

2004 Audi A4

2004 Audi A4 3.0 Quattro Automatic

2007-08-02 04:38:40

This is the second Audi A4 I've owned. The first was a '99 A4 1.8T.

I've always liked the handsome yet sporty styling of the Audi's and nobody does a better interior.

The 3.0 is a smooth engine with a good amount of power. The sweetspot is cruising between 60-80mph.

The transmission isn't the most unobtrusive I've driven, but it gets the job done.

My wife and I love the dual zone climate control, heated seats and memory option! Nice interior touches like rear map lights and illuminated trunk release button show that Audi knows how to handle the details.

Handling is predictable if not very sporty. This particular car does not have the sport package so it is a bit loose for my driving tastes. I plan on changing that with aftermarket suspension. Otherwise the steering is good, the brakes are comforting and the passing power is fine. This is like the cross-trainer of the German sedan world. It does everything great, but nothing perfect. But I still love it!

I purchased an extended warranty on the car because I expect some electrical gremlins to surface around the 50K mark. So far no major issues.

The one thing you'll find with most Audi owners and enthusiasts is they really are attracted to the Audi's character/charm. The cars just happen to make you feel good and are both sophisticated and relaxed at the same time. You won't feel super snooty getting out of one.

2004 Audi A4

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