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Vw Golf 4 1997. – 2004.

2015-12-20 16:50:33

Vw Golf 4 1997. – 2004. - Reviewshttp://pmlautomobili.com/2015/06/13/vw-golf-4-1997-2004/

2003 Volkswagen Golf

VW Golf -

peteridgard 2009-11-23 07:45:02

It is remarkable how well-built my VW Golf feels. It is much more robust than any other car I have ever driven in my life. This is essentially what VW are renowned for - quality over comfort. Whilst this kind of build quality permeates the vehicle throughout, there is a palpable sense of dreariness that permeates throughout; function rather than style is the modus operandi of the car. This means that it is perfect for short commuting and medium length leisure trips, but if you have to spend more than 3 hours in this car you will start to feel very uncomfortable indeed. The performance is where the Golf shines, with economical yet very powerful engines. my personal model produces a lot of power but is relatively cheap at the pumps. The best of both worlds if you ask me. overall I would say the Golf is great for me as I only do a daily short commute to and from work. If I had to spend more than an hour a day in this car I think I would be quite disappointed with the experience. For me though, it is a great car that provides an exciting drive quality.

2003 Volkswagen Golf

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