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4.5 out of 5

2003 Toyota Echo

2012-06-29 01:54:45

I bought this car in July 2010 only hours after a major hailstorm. The intent was to obtain a reliable car at a steep discount due to the dents. In that, it has succeeded in spades. I am the second owner. The good: -The 1.5L VVTI four banger engine is excellent. Good acceleration even with the auto transmission. 30mpg in city consistently. Have started it on a number of occasions in -20C without the block heater plugged in. No problems. -it uses a lot of common Toyota components, so repairs have been fairly cheap thus far. The only non-user error component I have had to replace is a leaking water pump. The other major repair was a set of new brake rotors as the previous owner had allowed the originals to rust badly. -trunk is shockingly large for a sub compact. The bad: -It is uncomfortable. No armrests on the front seats, no center console to rest your elbow on. Leg room is a little short for me (6'0"). That is primarily an issue with the short travel on the seat adjuster. -the single auto door lock button next to the e-brake is an odd choice. -it looks weird. I can't get over how strange the thin and tall design is. Lots of headroom and trunk space is the result *********** peculiar.

2003 Toyota Echo

Love It...if you don't need to know what time it is!

2008-09-28 10:39:29

We bought this car in 2004 off the dealership floor. If you want as car that has great gas mileage (40 mpg) and will get you A to B in a hurry, with mimimal upkeep...this is the car for you. It is also a breeze to park, especiall in crowded conditions. We have replaced tires, battery and changed the oil as recommeded and that is it. It has well over 120,000 miles on it and it runs like a bad dog!! After it is paid off it will be given to my teenager (who is eager to get her hands on it). We bought it with no bells ot whistles, so ours is pretty stripped down, except for the CD player which quit working about 6 mos ago. It is pretty loud on the interior, as far as white noise. The wind does blow it around when it is windy outside. It has a very high roof, so ************* much larger than it really is, my very large brother has no problem getting in or out of it. It also has no clock on the inside, that is the biggest problem I have with it. The instrument panel is in the middle, which I think is very cool! It freaks out new passengers...love it! I wish Toyota still made Echos, I would buy another in a heartbeat...with a few bells and whistles this time.

2003 Toyota Echo

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