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Honest and Realistic Review - Saab Convertible

2009-10-28 19:04:59

Comfortable, quiet (convertible) reliable, VG MPG, stable on highway, strong and spirited engine. Read every review possible. Took long test drive and purchased the car well over a year ago and glad I did, no buyers regret. Some negatives the result of buyers not understanding what they are buying and some who have particular problem that they are not happy with. The SAAB convertible was purchased as a summer car to bridge the gap until the model year changed on the new car I intended to buy. I like the SAAB so much I have not yet bought the new car that I had decided upon. There is no substitute for taking a long test drive and understanding what you are buying and that goes for a new car as well as pre-owned. The Saab is a lot of car for the money and unreasonable to compare to the Audi or Volvo, each has their own virtues but none are inferior products. If someone is considering a Saab convertible I can absolutely speak from experience that it is well constructed, comfortable driving car.

2003 Saab 9-3

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