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5.0 out of 5

great vehicle

2008-09-25 00:41:50

I have always been somewhat of an off-road enthusiast and and a ford die hard but the ford motor company had failed to make a small vehicle wich could be driven realy hard in serious off-road conditions as jeep did.The Wrangler Rubicon model is literally the best off road production vehicle.It puts hummers and landcruisers to shame.granted it is a bit of a rough ride on the freeway but it is bareable as I drive mine everywhere I need to go.The one advantage it does not have is a ton of cargo space but the aftermarket will cure what ails you.The one thing I dont like is the speed governer at 95 but i rarely need it go any faster. At first I was in shock after what had happened.Me(A Ford guy) and my friend(A Chevy guy)walked on to a Chrysler dealership and I had baught one.Immeadiatly we went to get it dirty.The low gearing is phenomanal with close to a 65:1 crawl ratio and selectable lockers front and rear.I enjoy this model because they have not yet switched to the drive by wire systems found in full sized dodge trucks and other Chryslers so you can get traction when you are wheelin. On a drive by wire car the computer wont let you get on it if it senses loss of traction.It also comes with leather interior and the top comes off wich is great in summer and its fun to cruise in.It gets around 20mpg in town and 25 on the hwy if you drive it right. The standard equipment works well.The roll cage is actually attached to the frame.The tow hooks work great for pulling hummers out of the mud.This truck is the best vehicle I have ever owned and I dont plan on selling it any time soon so if you are thinking of getting one than do it because you will be glad you did.

2003 Jeep Wrangler

03 originial Rubicon

2007-09-02 10:50:12

Love this vehicle. Ordered it Aug 1 the first year it was made. Arrived on my B/D in mid Dec. Ww now live in a rural area. The road to the highway is not a maintained road. Just gravel. Snow in the winter, mud in the monsoon season. After the hell we went through putting aftermarket items on our Cherokee, it was great to have most of the same items factory installed. Just have to put a winch on. The Chrysler dealer was the one who had to fix the mess that the off road shop made on the Cherokee. We have always had good service from the dealership.

My husband would like more power because we are up at 6500 ft. and wants the speed limiter gone (he's now got his deisel truck for the heavy duty stuff. I drive the Jeep the most and I'm happy with it. It's small, manueverable, and with the back seat out, I can fit most anything I need into it. The only thing we have done to it was add the running boards cuz I'm short, put on the door sill protectors, and added snow/mud tires when we moved up here.

I don't think I would buy a new model jeep. They seem like they are becoming more like passenger cars than jeeps. We'll just keep this one running. Our Cherokee is 15 years old and almost 300,000 miles. All I need to do is to persuade Stinger, the chief mechanic at our old dealership, to move here and keep working on my Rubicon - He's the best mechanic we have ever had.

2003 Jeep Wrangler

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