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4.0 out of 5

Convertible XK8 with Optional Navigation, Self Leveling HID Headlights

2008-08-14 18:07:14

Bought the 2003 year model, because they did over 900 improvements, much stiffer body, including an improved engine, 4.2 vs the older 4.0, and a very fine (German) 6 speed, over the previous 5 speed. Picked it up in Dallas Texas and drove it back to Alaska. Great Grand Touring vehicle! Got typically around 26 mpg at 65-70 mph Had one tank at 29mpg. Very good ride and engine response, very smooth. J gate shifting allows manual operation, but Drive worked great. Like many convertibles, doesn't like bridge expansion joints, but absorbs them better than many. This one came with the optional 19 Apollo rims, so have to take that into consideration (less rubber to absorb bumps and cracks). So far has been very reliable, with 32k on the odometer. This has the optional HID self leveling lights, which work very well. Warning: This also has the optional $2,400 navigation system which has dead reckoning which works great, except it appears that Jaguar is not supporting the software. The DVD disk is very sparse for most cities, with only a couple major routes. Didn't even have my folks home of 25 years in Bozeman Montana, or sisters 1970's home in Gillette Wyoming. Seemed to be pretty good only in major cities. Only one update DVD disk in 2005, and is 600-$800? No Alaska data, so the screen is totally blank here. Ran out of road about halfway between Calgary and Prince George in Canada. NAVTEQ makes the software, and says it is up to Jaguar, and Jaguar says talk to NAVTEQ. Both are evasive at this point. Maybe this will change now that Ford has sold Jaguar to TATA Motors of India. So unless you live in some place like Houston or Dallas, LA, etc. I would save some money by avoiding XK8's with the optional Navigation system, and buy a aftermarket unit, such as the Garmin touch screen 880 with hands free bluetooth (telephone, displays Caller ID), voice activation, play mp3 music stereo and sounds over your car stereo, MSN Direct for gas prices, weather, news, etc!

2003 Jaguar XK8

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