2003 Honda Accord Reviews

2003 Accord New Car Test Drive


We recently attended the introduction of the 2003 Accord in Hollywood, test driving all the models over the great roads of the Malibu hills. We have seen the future, and it is impressive. Honda might have outdone itself this time. 

With more individual sales than any other car for nine out of the last ten years, the Honda Accord is champion of journeyman transportation. But with the new Accord, the champ has not only remade itself, it has re-invented a new self, without un-inventing the old self. There's still an everyday four-cylinder Accord, higher tech and higher quality. But now there's a gorgeous V6 Coupe with a lot more power and a six-speed gearbox, which will blow your notion of Accord off the old road. 


The new Honda Accord comes in more than a dozen different combinations of engines, doors, transmissions and trim levels. 

The Sedan is available in DX, LX and EX trim. The DX comes with an all-new, double-overhead-cam, 2.4-liter, four-cylinder, 160-horsepower engine (previously a 2.3-liter sohc) and with either a new five-speed manual or new five-speed automatic transmission. LX and EX models come with either the four-cylinder engine or a new 3.0-liter, 240-horsepower, single-overhead-cam V6 with another new five-speed automatic. 

The Coupe is available in LX and EX trim, with either the four-cylinder or V6. The manual transmission is standard with the four-cylinder, the automatic optional. The LX V6 comes with its own automatic. The EX Coupe V6, a full-tilt sports sedan, comes with the automatic or a new six-speed manual transmission. 

Anti-lock brakes are standard on all models. Upscale options, depending on the model, may include leather power seats, a moonroof, alloy wheels, steering-wheel audio controls, side airbags, side curtain airbags, and a new voice-activated DVD navigation system programmed with some eight million destinations. Say, 'Find nearest Japanese food' to the dashboard, and it will guide you there. Even better, if you know the phone number of a business establishment you're trying to reach, it will take you there. 

For the electronically driven, dealers may install an MP3/Windows Media Player, DVD Rear Entertainment System, and hands-free cell phone. 

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