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03 F350 Supercab 8 Ft Bed 7.3 Diesel

2009-12-03 09:56:11

In 1999 I bought a 24 ft cuddy cabin boat. I had a F-150. From the time I bought the boat I knew the F-150 was too small and looked at every piece of information I could get my hands on concerning the purchase of an adequate tow vehicle. I came up with the answer or answers. The perfect truck body would be the Ford Superduty. The perfect engine was the Cummins. The perfect tranny was the Allison. Trouble was the truck wasn't made. In 03 Cummins was and still is the power to have. Now Ford has a good 5 speed tranny but in early 03 they didn't. Dodge at that time didn't have a good auto tranny neither did Ford but the Ford tranny was better than Dodge. Chevy had the best tranny but I wasn't going for a diesel with an aluminum head I don't care who built it. After much thought and rethought I settled on Ford if I could still get a 7.3 diesel. The 6.0 was out then but I never buy something in it's first year and I am glad I didn't. I bought the Ford with the 7.3 Navistar Diesel. I have towed my boat all over hell and back and have never had any trouble. I use Mobil Delvac One Synthetic in the Motor and Mobil 1 in the tranny. The only thing I have done to that truck other than oil and filters is I just changed the batteries. Not bad since the truck was built in Sept. of 02. Other than that, original everything. Now whoever reads this article is looking at one of these used. I can't tell you what to look for because I never had anything to go bad. I know Ford had a recal on a cam position sensor and a cruse control button that liked to short out but other than that this truck has had the crap kicked out of it every summer since 03 and hasn't given me any problem. Now if I had to buy a new one today I'd go through the whole education process again and God only knows what I would buy. This was my pick in 03. Good luck and keep truckin!

2003 Ford F-350

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