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3.5 out of 5

The Best Never Rest

Dcrispin2 2009-02-08 21:13:49

I bought a 2003 F150 4x4 ext cab fx4 used in 2004 when the new body came out and i can not be more please with it to this day. Its the best truck i have ever owned. I ave about 14mpg city with the 5.4 v8. I had a 2001 Ford Ranger 4x4 4.0 v6 before this and i can tell ya there is no comparisson. My F150 is built alot better has more guts and power and gets about the same as my ranger v6 did which had poor power and was a gashog. I am so glad i got the F150 It continues to serve me well and it is my buddy

2003 Ford F-150

2003 XLT Ford F-150 Supercab 4x4, 4.6 8 cyl auto

Fberus 2008-12-20 12:30:26

I bought the truck used with low mileage from a new car dealer as a like new vehicle. (I traded a Toyota 4 Runner with 152,000 miles, which ran better and had less maintenance cost in all the while I owned it, than the Ford in 6 months, including normal service.) Whenever I said anything to the dealer, I was always told that these things that I talked about were normal. First off fuel mileage is poor. 14 mpg avg city,country driving. Highway is a little better at 17 mpg. No fast starts and stops and highway driving is at 60 or less.(Interstate driving) Brakes are something else. 4 wheel disc brakes. When pressed the anti locks engage on dry pavement at slow speeds and you must press hard to stop truck. Very poor system. Told this is normally the way they work. I have had 5 Ford rangers since 1984, 1 Broncoll, 2 F250s, 1993,1997, 1 Ford 150 2001. So I have had Fords prior to this one. Never had these problems with the Chevys. Overall rating on this truck is about 1 star or less, and the that is ride. The ride is good. The paint on the truck is cracked over the roof. No reason. I am totally dissapointed with the pickup. High Maintenance, new exhaust bolts and gaskets both sides and exhaust tubes, $923.00. Speedometer mileage counters goes off and has to be removed and intrument panel must needs to be replaced and certified to be correct $600.00 est. Frame is rusting, had to be cleaned and painted and rustproofed, and underbody rustproofed 1400.00. Interior inferior and wearing faster than should. If you start the truck and close the door and you are out of the truck, window must be down or you need a key as the doors lock, and you are locked out. Interior comfort 1 star Quality and durability no rating Performance 1 star Exterior styling 3 star only plus Overall rating avg 2 star, deduct the the styling and you get about 1/2 star. The last ford I will try or buy... Will be glad when it is sold or traded.

2003 Ford F-150

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