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4.5 out of 5

Ford Escape 2003

2007-09-27 03:41:00

Love the car all around except for these exceptions:

The 6 CD changer which was installed in the factory overheats and had resulted in just stopping working at the third year. Rumor has it that the CD player in the Escape all do that and it still felt very hot hot to the touch even when not in use (before I got it replaced). Both the catalytic converters went within a year of each other at year 3 and 4, however lucky and coincidenally they have an 8 (!) year warranty, however when the first one went the car actually stopped on the highway putting myself in a dangerous situation. Also it seems that when the car is subjected to heavy rain and humidity for a couple days in a row the check engine light goes on and the vehicle bucks and hesitates... had that checked out too and seems like there's nothing they can do about it. Gotta clean out the garage!!!! Recently had body rust over the rearwheel fixed. Hmm.

Now that I know to be on the alert about these things I'm OK. Otherwise it's got 81K and does what we ask of it well. Would buy another!

2003 Ford Escape

Love it!

2007-09-11 09:09:45

I've had my Escape nearly five years...it's an '03. It has been the best car I've ever owned. I absolutely love it! It's pushing 90k miles and I've replaced the tires and the battery....nothing else! I would purchase a new one in a heartbeat!

2003 Ford Escape

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