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Factory Defective Paint

Paul 2019-05-07 01:48:43

I have owned a 2003 Dodge Ram van 1500 for several years, the engine is great, but the headlights are too dim and fog over it makes it hard to see as well as sometimes the gear shifter wants to pop from Park to reverse on occasion especially on any kind of incline or decline and if you do not set the parking brake. The worst defect is the FACTORY DEFECTIVE PAINT! it flakes off when driving it FLYS off during heavy winds and every single heavy storm with heavy winds will peel away another square foot or so of paint in different areas, IN 3 to 4 inch patches. I researched it and many people had got it repainted some paying a deductible some not paying anything and those that did not complain enough got nothing done there are also other factory defects such as airbags which are defective and ware recalled yet I was never notified, I was told you bring it in once I got to my destination and they would look at it including the paint and the other recalls and I will let you know if they're honorable or if you should not buy a Dodge, please complain to Dodge if you have the same issue, complain to the federal safety board so it is on record, I will inform you as to what the resolution is. I will also inform you of the dealership I brought it to and of Chrysler Dodge'response and resolution. Engine is good, though it lacks power in the 3.9 L and headlights are not bright enough to see clearly, and the airbags must be replaced due to malfunction and my airbag lights have been on for over 6 months or more, could be fatal if you don't fix it, and costly, if lawsuits are initiated. The pros, good engine, fairly Solid Truck good conversion by elk, which by the way does not peel like the rest of the truck because it was painted by elk not Dodge, all in all, unless DODGE stands by their product and their defects, I would not buy one unless they gave a 10-year warranty on the paint due to their known defective factory paint jobs. I will keep you informed. Paul G

2003 Dodge Ram Van 1500

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